Saturday News Roundup #166

Worth Knowing

  • Never underestimate Bill Gaither, or think that he’s run out of fresh ideas. The next Gaither Homecoming Taping will be all-ladies.
  • Gerald Williams, who retired his group The Melody Boys in December 2012, is back on the road, joining The Kinsmen. The Kinsmen are a regional quartet based in and (at least according to their current schedule) exclusively performing in Arkansas (not to be confused with The Kingsmen, a national quartet based in North Carolina!)
  • Weatherfords / Dixie Melody Boys alumnus Dr. Jamie Caldwell was, until recently, Director of Recruitment and Minister of Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Last Sunday night, the Gospel Harmony Boys announced that he has returned to his native West Virginia, and will be joining their group at the baritone position.
  • Last Saturday, Ball Brothers pianist Cody McVey married Leah Ball, a younger sister to group members Daniel and Andrew Ball.

Worth Watching

The Collingsworth Family posted a video of their rehearsal for a hymns album, coming out this fall:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Our quartet had the privilege of singing with The Voyagers Quartet last night in Corinth, MS. Steve (Gerald’s son) sings bass with them and he told me about Gerald singing again!!! Once it is in your blood, you can’t get it out! LOL! All I can say is that the Kinsmen have themselves one of the finest bass singers in history!

  2. I see Bill Gaither at Indiana Pacer games often, nice guy….and in that setting we don’t talk a lot about singing, but he is always thinking of something new….we are both BIG Pacer fans… to go to a NBA game and see SG singers there using his tickets….lots of respect for Bill Gaither!

  3. By the way, the Vocal Band are back in the studio working on a hymns project.

    • Should have said the vocal band *is* back in the studio. An English major should know better. 😉

    • Neat! Thanks for the information.

  4. Something ALWAYS has to be said about the special wonders of family harmony. Not to mention a world-class pianist, and an excellent grand. If they are this good simply practicing, can’t wait for the finished cut!

    • Agreed. This is attracting so much attention that I hope they recognize that this arrangement – Kim’s incomparable piano artistry and their incomparable vocals – is all it needs.

  5. Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn were just robbed in Lafayette, IN. Jonathan asks for prayers.

    • Thanks for the information!

      • You’re welcome. I have no other details yet. It is sad though and I hope they catch the robbers and recover whatever was stolen. I presume they are okay since he posted it on FB.

      • I just pulled up their status update, and I agree – from the wording, it sounds like there were no personal injuries.

  6. Jordan Wilburn
    Well folks dad and I just got broken into at Cracker Barrel. They busted out the back window got my laptop and my studio gear and got our money from this weekend. Pretty much they got everything.
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  7. Hidee Daniel,
    Thanks for mentioning Gerald Williams joining the Kinsmen Quartet! I was privileged to attend his first concert with them Sunday night and enjoyed it greatly, of course! They began the concert with him singing the bass feature verse on “The Plan of Salvation”. It has been my dream to hear him sing that song since I first heard his marvelous voice. I was thrilled to say the least! They have a website and Facebook page. I appreciate you!