Gold City hires Robert Fulton

In a radio interview earlier this week with Springfield, Missouri’s KWFC Radio, Tim Riley announced that Robert Fulton is Gold City’s new tenor singer. Fulton has been filling in for the last month or two.

He is a Gallipolis, Ohio native, and studied music University of Rio Grande. He sang in their university choir. He also sang with the regional group Forgiven 4 and, most recently, the Palmetto State Quartet. 

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  1. He also invented the first commercially successful steamboat 🙂

    • I wonder if he gets that all the time, or if Americans are so ignorant of our history these days that he hardly ever hears that? 🙂

      • What’s a steamboat? Is that like a cruise ship with a sauna on it? 🙂

  2. Aah, Gold City is whole again! I keep wondering if we’ll see a new long-lasting era like 85-92 or 96-02.

  3. Still better than being confused with Robert Tilton.

    • That would be an insult to anyone!

    • LOL poor Robert Tilton (not really) looks like he is in constant pain all the time. He could use some Advil I think.

      • The burden of all that dishonesty.

  4. Robert Fulton on the other hand sounds good with Gold City. He’ll be a keeper.

  5. Robert Fulton, is a Great Singer with an amazing Range. He will be an asset to Gold City or Any group that gets him to sing with them. Way to Go Gold City!

  6. Maybe they will release a new cd within the next five years. We can always hope and pray.

    • A new CD would be great, but what I feel Gold City needs more than anything besides stability is a fresher set list. For the most part, their set list has been stagnant since Steve Ladd left. I think they have added one song from their table CD and maybe three songs from “Somebody’s Coming”. Not to mention that they staged one song (“It Won’t Be Long”) from “Somebody’s Coming” for two years before the CD was even released.

      • Agreed! I get the sense that since Tim is back, they have been doing more of their older songs. But it seems to me like it’s the same songs over and over. Almost like you go hear them and are like “Oh, I heard those songs at the concert I was at a year ago.” Maybe fans should be putting a bug in their ear and letting GC know they want fresh material. Or maybe most people are content with the hits that they do sing on a nightly basis.

      • I agree about the set list thing too. Vocal stability is important where they can gel and keep momentum going. New songs are important to keep excitement too (as far as building an audience and getting some back), but the set list is really important. To one degree, they have many great songs that aren’t being done. Then, the songs that they are doing aren’t even always their best. The one thing that made some of these same songs being done and the set list being about the same still worth going for was to see what the new members sounded like and what they would do with them.

        Tim is THE bass. Gold City has a ton of great songs and history. They have some good members too. But even as a favorite group, I still have trouble wanting to shell out money to go hear the same songs, jokes etc again and again when I have probably already heard them many times on CD as well and can again when I choose.

      • They may be moving towards putting more songs they don’t usually do into their repertoire. They threw in “That Little Baby” at Singing in the Sun, which I hadn’t heard from them in a while. It got a great response.

  7. IMO, Gold City needs to look to record a new album soon but make sure they start keying their songs lower. Expecting any tenor to be able to continue singing in the range of a Free, Parrack or Ladd is just not wise.

    • Tim Riley makes anybody sound good!

  8. If you have listened to any of PSQ’s material when he was with them, his range is really high. Paul Lancaster sings lead with them and he used to be the tenor for the Mullin’s way back when. I figure if he can sing tenor with them, he can sing tenor for just about anybody! cant wait for a new cd!

  9. I heard the new Gold City lineup tonight on JOY FM’s broadcast of Singing in the Sun. Robert Futon was a great pick. Whatever sickness and things he had going on in videos we’ve seen before are most definitely gone. “I’m Not Giving Up,” which was talked about in the thread for the Tracy Stuffle benefit as being shaky, was nailed to the wall tonight. That’s not an easy song for a tenor, but he did a great job. Looking forward to great things from this lineup.

    • So glad to hear it!

    • Any video?

      • Not unless somebody who was there had a camera handy. Let’s hope!

  10. Heard Robert Fulton with Gold City last night in Milton, WV. He didn’t miss a note. He knew the songs he could hit all the notes the other tenors who recorded the songs did and the notes in his range on the song. I thought he did a really outstanding job considering it was a “home game” for him singing 40 minutes from his hometown with a LOT of friends and family there. Great fit!

    • I thought he did really well on “Preach the Word.” He did seem a bit nervous at the beginning, but singing around home folk is probably just as unnerving as singing at NQC. The blend was pretty good, too. We had a time there that night! It was a good date night for my wife and me.

      • They are coming in for my birthday party Saturday….I am filled with excitement and great anticiapation…GC is my favorite group…great people, great songs!
        Looking forward to hearing Robert!

  11. I loved Robert Fulton when he sang for PSQ. Im also grateful that they went with a tenor sound that is less pharyngal. Like Steve Ladd, Robert, has that voice where he’s got plenty of the high range and can actually be somewhat comfortable at the top. You don’t want to feel sorry for a guy when he’s clearly singing out of reasonable comfort. Robert can easily sing in the high range. He’s got a great mix at the top for the high C’s and above. I believe they will sound great together. And yes, hopefully, they will KEEP him.