Saturday News Roundup #167

Worth Knowing

  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver has hired a new lead singer/guitarist, Dustin Pyrtle. He replaces Mike Rogers, who left to accept a place with country singer Tate Stevens. (Stevens won Season 2 of The X Factor TV show.)
  • Mansion has transferred the Mark Dubbeld Family from their Manor House imprint to their Mansion label. 
  • Michael Davis, founder of the Dominion Agency, has launched two new agencies. Blue Ridge Talent will represent bluegrass artists, including the Snyder Family Band and Mountain Faith. Mountain Top Talent will represent up-and-coming Southern Gospel groups, including Red Roots, The Williamsons, and The Sneed Family.
  • AbsolutelyGospel held their annual awards ceremony on Tuesday; here are the winners.

Worth Watching

Also worth watching: Tribute Quartet’s Sunday evening concert at Asheville, North Carolina’s Trinity Baptist church will be live-streaming at 5 P.M., here

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Interesting note I saw in the news… A 1640 Hymnal that is supposedly the first book printed in what is now the USA is going up for auction. They r expecting it to bring 30 million dollars.

  2. It’s a copy of the “Bay Psalm” book–first hymnal printed in the US. I think the article said there are 5 or 6 copies in existence. Some are at the Smithsonian and other museums. The church owned 2 or 3 copies and just agreed to sell one to help support some of the church’s ministries. I don’t feel so bad about my songbook hoarding now… maybe, just maybe, one day… 🙂

    • Wow. Well, you just might have to live about 400 years to realize the value. That, or train your children and grandchildren well so that they can realize the value. 🙂

  3. I have been watching some Youtube videos of Robert Fulton. I’m impressed. I think he will do great at Gold City. he hits some pretty high notes at the end of this one:

    Hopefully the first album he is on is the Doug Riley tribute, if that is still in the works.

  4. Is anyone else trying to watch the Tribute Concert right now? We aren’t finding anywhere to watch it on the church’s website.

    • Okay, it’s working now!

      • Glad you got it working! I was there in person, and what a night it was!

    • It took them until about 10 after to get the stream going.

      Daniel, you were there?! Loved the couple “new” songs towards the end, which I presume will be on a Hit Replay 2 CD. Also very cool that the pastor called the guys down to the front to pray for them.

      • Yes, I was there; the concert was in Asheville, NC. 🙂 I don’t know if all of the songs will be on Hit Replay 2, but I’m sure that at least one of them will be. 🙂

      • On “How Great Thou Art”, Anthony hit a note I didn’t know he could hit.

        By the way, a full video of the concert webcast is archived at the church’s website.

      • High end note, low end note, or both? His tone has always been such that I figured he could pull off a baritone range feature if he wanted.

      • High. I knew he had a high end, but had never heard it that high.

      • Me, either. But I suspected all along that he had it in him. I’ve thought of him as being the sort of singer who could do what Dave Kyllonen did with the Couriers – sing a full baritone range, top to bottom (when the Couriers sang as a trio), as well as dropping down and hitting bass notes whenever he wanted to.

  5. I just had the pleasure of meeting the Mylon Hayes family last night, at our concert in Hudson, North Carolina. We were singing at their home church and they happened to be home that weekend. They didn’t sing that night, but I got to speak with all of them. What a truly pleasant and humble family. Looking forward to hearing more from them!

    • They are some of the nicest people in our genre!

  6. If anyone here doesn’t know, there will be a BIG announcement tonight at 8 pm Central on

    I think I know what it is (pictures are kind of a give away), but won’t spoil it for someone here who may not know.

    • Oh, don’t be afraid to spoil it. They wouldn’t be posting pictures from the photo shoot, with captions entitled “hint” and the like, if they didn’t want people guessing. Whatever it is, it sure looks like it involves a number of the former Cathedrals alumni – Ernie, Scott, Gerald, Mark, Danny, and their groups!

      • OK well I see 17 heads…EHSS (5), GV (3), MTQ (4), L5 (5)

        Also recognize a number of silhouettes of the guys from those groups.

      • Except that I’m not sure it’s five EHSS heads; perhaps it’s four EHSS heads and Funderburk, since he sure seemed to be in the earlier silhouette.

      • Are you sure it’s Danny? It looks to short to be him. What if it is a “wildcard” they are sure making big deal out of it, and you can pick out just about all of them except one.

      • No, I’m not sure, but it seems to be a pretty reasonable guess.

      • Well I haven’t noticed Danny advertising this reveal on his Facebook page like all the others have been.

        BTW Daniel, in which picture does it look like it could be Danny?

      • But does Danny have any Facebook accounts where he maintains a consistent presence?

        Question 2: In the picture with the five silhouettes.

      • This picture:

        From left to right, #2 is almost definitely Mark Trammell, #3 is almost definitely Ernie Haase, #4 looks kinda like Gerald Wolfe to me, and #5 looks like Scott Fowler. The profile of #1 would certainly fit Danny Funderburk, whether or not it is him.

  7. From the AbsolutelyGospel website:

    We have heard that George Beverly Shea who turned 104 in February has had a stroke and has been taken to the hospital. More details will be forthcoming as they are available. Pray for him and his family.