Felts replaces Rogers in Cross 4 Crowns

Last night, Crossroads recording artist Cross 4 Crowns sent out a press release that Matt Felts is replacing Dallas Rogers at the tenor slot in Cross 4 Crowns. Dallas Rogers’ doctor had put him on complete vocal rest, forcing him to leave the group. Matt Felts, who till now sang tenor for the possibly disbanding Monument Quartet, will be stepping into the tenor slot. Owner Allen Leath calls Matt a “once in a lifetime find,” citing his heart for ministry.

Speaking of Monument, Felts’ statement left room for them to announce their own disbanding:

“I am excited to be a part of this incredibly talented group. It is wonderful to see the hand of God working in these men and it’s an honor to be a part of that. I want to thank Monument, most especially Marshall,  for the last two years. It was truly a blessing to go and spread God’s love to countless thousands at fairs across America. Thank you to all the friends and fans who supported us night after night. I will miss Marshall, Jerry, Daryl and the band greatly but I am excited to begin this new chapter in my ministry.”

This will be a huge change for the group’s vocal direction. Dallas Rogers is an Appalachian tenor in the style of Archie Watkins, while Matt Felts is a power tenor in the style of Ernie Haase. While I hate to see Rogers go—he gave the group a distinctive sound and, with bass singer Justin Terry, was one of its two strongest links vocally—Felts’ vocal abilities are unquestioned and he will be able to carry the torch without missing a beat.

For an introduction to Matt Felts, check out our interview with him here: /archives/432.

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  1. I went to the Mull Singing on Thanksgiving and saw Matts first appearance with Cross 4 Crowns. This was the first time I have seen either live. A friend had Monuments video so I had heard him sing on that. They will definitly NOT lose a beat. He was breathtaking. After he sang Hide Thou Me, he had the crowd on their feet. The group was fantastic. They have a wonderful sound. I am anxious for them to get a CD with him on it. They have the makings to be a major group. I hope to see them again soon.


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