What is the most popular Southern Gospel video on YouTube?

What is the most popular Southern Gospel video on YouTube?

Also, since conversions from a DVD/VHS to a YouTube video all too often aren’t sanctioned by the owners of the original copyright, what is the most popular Southern Gospel amateur video on YouTube (i.e., handheld as opposed to being from a DVD)?

In that latter category, I’ll offer Ellen G.’s Bass Singers Quartet video, at 533,373 views, to start things off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v7YIgitW9g

And in the category of professionally filmed videos, let’s start things off with the Gaither Vocal Band’s “Alpha and Omega,” at 2,702,359 views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBPaa9ycuUw

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  1. In the first, I don’t think anyone’s beating this (over 8 million views): http://youtu.be/DMF_24cQqT0

    My guess on the second would be one of Diana’s videos

    • 8 million will surely be hard to beat, but it may be possible.

      Dinana’s top video is at 83,347 views, well behind the half-million on the one I linked to.

    • Speaking of Diana, I wonder if anyone has uploaded more videos than she has. I’m speaking of the ones she has made and not those copied from somewhere else and uploaded. I would bet she has videoed more different groups than anyone else.

      • I doubt anyone has passed Dinana!

    • I don’t know that this qualifies as SG. Gospel, yes. And yes, it’s on a Gaither video. But every R&B artist in the world sings Amazing Grace. It’s a hymn, but not quite SG.

      • You have a valid point. From this point, we could make the point that the Amazing Grace video and the Rob Mills video are both Southern Gospel-related, but not strictly in the same category as the bass singers quartet. The bass singers quartet might just be the highest performance of a Southern Gospel song by a Southern Gospel artist.

  2. The Rob Mills Family have a video called Theough The Decades with over a million views. http://youtu.be/0jwkpd2nAto

    • Thanks, that is so funny! I can see why it has viewed so many times.

    • That is indeed funny!

    • That was awesome Brian Fuson!!!Thank you!! Already shared with hubby!

    • Thank you Brian Fuson, that was awesome!! Already shared with hubby!

  3. That was recorded at my homecoming concert two years ago. If you look close you will see an award winning baritone!
    We through it on YouTube as a lark and it went crazy. It absolutely has propelled them to dozens of new concerts in the last year.

  4. I was there for this great event, and it’s gotta be my favorite SG video to catch. Watching Ellen’s video reminds me of how much I miss seeing Glen. Didn’t matter what he was singing, the people loved him. Time for him to make a comeback.

    • Very true, Chris. Glen Payne isn’t the only Glen/n who is missed! I, also, would love to see him make a comeback!

  5. My most viewed is happy Goodmans “The Sweetest Song I Know” at 292,000 plus followed by JD Sumner and Stamps “Peace in the Valley” at 219,000 plus. I don’t post a lot of videos; I try to post something that is not real common.

    • And I’m so glad you do! I have learned so much of what I know about the genre from watching your videos. Hearing audio only on LPs only takes one so far!