Greater Vision and the Case of the Chameleon Ties

A sharp reader (hat tip, BG) notices that Greater Vision seems to have one photograph they really like with Jacob Kitson. Yes, one.

In the August Singing News, Greater Vision’s full-page ad (page 17) says “Greater Vision Welcomes Jacob Kitson.” Rodney Griffin, Gerald Wolfe, and Jacob Kitson pose in front of a tan / earth tones background, wearing maroon / red ties.

In the September and October issues, GV’s full-page ad (page 17 both times) announces the release of Not Alone. The CD cover shows Rodney, Gerald, and Jacob posing in front of a lime green background of two hands holding each other. They’re wearing dark green ties with a strangely familiar pattern…

In the November issue, GV’s full page ad (again page 17) has Rodney, Gerald, and Jacob posing in front of a maroon background. Though the picture has been brightened a little, those maroon / red ties look strangely familiar…

In the December issue, GV’s full page ad (page 17) wishes readers a “Merry Christmas from Greater Vision.” Greater Vision poses in front of a waterfall with a snowflake background. Rodney, Gerald, and Jacob wear blue ties, with a strangely familiar pattern…

But something doesn’t look quite right in the December photo. The yellowish tint and the lighting both don’t fit the backdrop.

It turns out that, by all appearances, Greater Vision has used the same photo for the last few months, just pasting the group members in front of different backdrops and digitally altering the tie colors.

It’s quite the Photoshop, and apparently done well enough that it took months for a sharp reader to catch on. Kudos to whoever does Greater Vision’s graphic design…sort of.

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  1. They do the same thing with their newsletters…

  2. What’s the big deal? Groups/artists/companies do this all the time. It’s one of the great things about digital design and artwork.

  3. Well, I’m used to backgrounds. Changing the tie color is the interesting part.

    It’s great when it works. The lighting was a little off on the current SN ad – didn’t line up with the background.

  4. Hey, they could always just paste Jacob’s face on Jason’s body….Gold City did that for a short while when Mark Trammell first left. I also used that trick on Acclaim’s website when I left and Roger joined….I put his face on my body.

    I also changed the color of my suit a few times in photos….

  5. Hmm … if my sister-in-law ever gets her SN address changed and picks up her back issues from wherever they are now, I’ll have to look!

    I’m about ready to subscribe to the online version. That doesn’t cost much.

  6. I’ve been noticing all of this on their newsletters… I figured everyone noticed too. Guess I should have said something earlier.

  7. What’s with that??? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just take another picture…

  8. Wow….what’s tomorrow’s topic? Lemme guess: In Depth Investigation Reveals That Jake Hess Wore A Toupee!!!!

    LOL…just kiddin’….

  9. I noticed this right off…..funny that you didn’t. Kimberly Allen does all of their stuff…..she is the diggidy doggy bomb of art design. (that is a good thing)

    It is not that hard to change the tie colors daniel.

  10. One more thing…..this is just speculation….it would not suprose me if they have not even taken a picture. They could just have layered a pic of jacob in behind them after erasing Jason. When Frank Seamans joined L5, Roger was on his way to Houston for a bone marrow transplant. L5 took group pics for their new cd and had it all done except the tenor part. When they hired Frank, he sang the parts and took a pic in front of a green backdrop. They layered him bhind the other 4 guys and went to print.

    L5 had a article on their website about this for a while. Don’ have a clue if GV did this but that would explain why they only have one pic they are using.

  11. Mark, I was thinking of that L5 picture, myself. Not hard to do at all, and if you look close enough, the lighting on Frank’s face in the “Monuments” cover doesn’t match the rest of the group.

  12. Yah, I imagine many groups do this. The shirt I wore in my last photo shoot is real crazy. I’ve used the picture in other things, but I toned down the color of my shirt. Photoshop is quite amazing.

  13. They keep changing it on their website, too. I noticed it at the very beginning, but I figured everyone else had noticed it, too, so I didn’t say anything. It’s fun to go to their website and find the new colors. LOL! 🙂

  14. Again… intentionally done to see how many people will catch it. The beauty of digital editing.

    For the record… I didn’t really like that photo, but you gotta work with what you have! LOL

    • Fascinating to know – thanks! 🙂

  15. Time to get a tan with Photoshop! Trust me, us Oregonians have to cover up our vitamin D deficiency somehow!