Cathedrals Family Reunion announced

IMC Concerts (Landon Beene) and Showcase Management (Brian Hudson) have partnered together to put on a Cathedrals Family Reunion event this fall. Here is the video announcement:

The event will be held on November 8-9, 2013 at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s 3500-seat MacGorman Performing Arts Center. There will be two evening concerts featuring Mark Trammell, Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler, Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase, and their groups (Mark Trammell Quartet, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound). There will also be a Saturday morning session featuring Cathedral Quartet road stories. Ticket packages for the three sessions range from $59 (balcony) to $99 (artist circle) and will go on sale on June 3rd, here.

Mark Trammell, Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler, and Danny Funderburk have performed together before, but this is the first event of this nature to include Ernie Haase.

The Cathedral Trio started fifty years ago this year (and became a quartet the following year). This event will be a fitting way to mark the anniversary.

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  1. Our first reaction is: WHAT ARE WE DOING THAT WEEKEND?! 🙂

    Wow, awesome! What an opportunity for people to experience (as close as it’s going to get) a weekend with the Cathedrals.


    • My first reaction is to think through the cost of plane tickets and hotel rooms (and sadly shrug my shoulders!)

      • Yes, we sadly shrug our shoulders too. :'(

        BUT, if they would consider offering a family package…hmm… 🙂


      • Yes, and then there’s the aspect of either a long, long, long drive, or airfare times eight!

        Interestingly, the drive is roughly equidistant for each of us – a 15+-hour drive.

      • Dad just checked on the GPS: it’s 17 hours and 55 minutes; 1,041 miles; and 116 gallons of diesel fuel one way. Ouch.


      • Google Maps must be about two hours more optimistic. 🙂

      • Want an extra family member for the weekend? lol

  2. I was kinda hoping it would be more of a multiple-date, multiple-city kind of thing. But this is cool. Happy for those who will be able to attend.

    • I’m hoping that this will sell out, and its success will inspire them to do several per year!

      • I agree with Brian. I think Daniel’s hope will come to fruition. Exciting for Cathedral lovers and for the genre in general.

    • Completely agree. Maybe they’ll host one in Minnesota! (Hey, we can dream big, right?!) 🙂


      • Minnesota’s probably a long shot, unless they decide to make it a 20-city tour. (And why not? I doubt that even the current Gaither Homecoming package of artists could out-draw this tour!)

      • “Why not”…….”Gaither”…….tee hee.

  3. A bit of a head-scratcher though why it’s not in Ohio. I kinda was hoping for that since driving to the Akron or Stow area is pretty easy for me. Maybe they could do a video or TV special at some point…Bill, are you listening?

    • Texas is Glen’s home state; North Carolina is George’s. So Texas does make some level of sense. But if there is a tour, surely Ohio would have to be among the top 5 most sensible states to host a weekend!

  4. It will be about a five hour drive for me. If Jesus doesn’t return between now and November, I’LL BE THERE!!!

  5. Aww why does it have to be sooooo far away?! 🙁 I think they should do a whole Cathedrals Family Reunion tour in the next few years, so that way, all the people like me who can’t come will be able to get a little glimpse of the event. Oh well. I’m sure the event will be amazing for those who will go. 🙂

    • Who knows? But yes, I’m sure it will be amazing.

  6. Seems that most people’s biggest barrier is the distance. I’ll admit that a flight from Cali won’t be the cheapest to pull. However, and that’s a big however, I know Landon Beene is producing this and I know he’ll be doing some incredible things. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something along the lines of the “Elvis Lives” concert experience. I do have an Uncle who lives in the MetroPlex so I might be able to pull this off. We’ll just have to wait and see (see meaning will I have enough money to pull it off).

    • Well, if you do make it out, I’m sure that all of us at home will want to hear from those there how it went!

  7. Maybe they are waiting to gauge the response and if it sells out they will offer a live webcast feed (for a fee) like the NQC does. Or based on the response they could do one or more a year in diffrent cities across America.
    One point that has not been mentioned is the significance of Ernie particpating with Scott, Gerald, Mark and even Danny. He has been very careful when and how and who can use the Cathedrals name and likeness, and has not endorsed or particpated in the “reunion” events. This alone makes it significant and different. The memoralbia and tour bus add alot to the event, and onloy Ernie could provide these extras.

    • I don’t believe Ernie has sole control over the name. I believe that the rights to the name still lie with both the Payne and the Younce families, and that both have to be on board for something like this to happen.

      • But Ernie is the connector by virtue of marriage and more than just old friends to others.

  8. BTW, it is going to be good no matter where it flows into the future!

  9. Hey, it would be nice to see that, but no way would i travel all the way to Texas for that. I mean , if they’d offer a link to watch it, or video of it, maybe yea. The way i see it, i saw the originals, and then after that i have all the Remember The Music stuff, and reunion type projects anyhow. If i did miss it, not the end of the world.

  10. Its 50 years. They should include all former members. I know all the issues and schedualing conflicts but I’m just saying.

    Would love to hear each former member take a GEORGE YOUNCE song and record it then have a record label put them all together as a [project. They could call it A Tribute To George Younce: The Songwriter.
    Then as an insert all of them could tell a story aboyt their time with George. What do I know anyway Just something rolling around in my empty head

    • I’d love to see Bobby Clark Roy Trimble George Amon Webster Loren Matthews and some of those guys be invited if they’re not already. There are more that are still living but can’t remember all of them. I hope the ones I named are still alive. I’m probably wrong on these but can’t blame for trying. Lol.

      • Oh yeah there’s one more that I wish could be there and that’s Steve Lee. That guy can sing! I traveled with him and his brother Bill Starling and Phil Barker for a year. He was very consistent.

      • I agree that Steve Lee is good talent. He had the country sound going on and was probably what I consider a real baritone. I would have to hear more of his stuff to be sure, but he was very good.

    • While the Cathedrals were together for almost 40 years (not 50, 2013 represents 50 years since the formation of the Cathedral Trio), it was arguably the last 15 or so years that they were the most popular. And that’s what each of these guys represent: the last two decades of the Cathedrals’ ministry, from 1983 (when Danny joined) to the group’s final concert in 1999.

      Additionally, these are the only five remaining Cathedrals members travelling full-time.

      • I made a mistake in the above post. Mark Trammell (1980) joined before Danny Funderburk (1983).

      • I think most people would make the case that their most popular years, based on airplay and fan awards, started in 1980 or 1981 as opposed to 1983.

        Also, neither are highly publicized, but Haskell Cooley and Lorne Matthews are still traveling in full-time Southern Gospel ministry, even though they’re not in the national spotlight.

      • Like I said, I made a mistake by saying 1983 instead of 1980.

      • No problem, and thanks for the clarification.

  11. Don’t forget the fact that Greater Vision appeared at the Seminary being the first ever gospel group to appear. Gerald had commented earlier that they wanted something back in their new venue. IMC working with GV probably was able to secure a great deal in the venue. After all where would you find more people loving gospel music than at the Southwestern BAPTIST Seminary

    • As soon as I heard where this was going to be held, the thought did cross my mind that Greater Vision was probably the initial contact with the venue.

    • The quote that Greater Vision and others used throughout the “promotion” of the concert at the Seminary in Fort Worth was always very interesting to me! I attended a concert on April 21, 2012 at the Seminary featuring the Dove Brothers and two other Quartets! (Simply for more evidence – that is not a Facebook page, since some can not see it – )

      So they were not the first Gospel group to appear at Southwestern!

      • I was there Gayla. I just didn’t wanna say anything to kill the momentum there. Call me Gayla when you get time.


      • Shouldn’t she call you “Joe” ? 😉

      • Got a link to where GV said they were the first gospel group to perform there? Every post on their facebook page about it, and in their e-mails about it, said it was GREATER VISION’S first concert there.

        We don’t want to be spreading lies here.

      • I found a link that says it was the first gospel concert ever PROMOTED by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

        According to the link Gayla posted, the other concert was promoted by Great Star Productions.

        Again, let’s be careful with the things we say that can tarnish good reputations.

      • Not meaning to be too “nit-picky,” but just to be sure a ball doesn’t start rolling that doesn’t exist… In the promotion of our concert earlier this year, with the Mark Trammell Quartet, we promoted it as the “first Gospel Concert sponsored by the SWBTS.” We knew there had been other concerts there, promoted by other promoters, renting the facilities, and that’s great! The March concert was actually promoted by the SWBTS. The Cathedrals Family Reunion concert is being promoted by IMC Concerts, using the SWBTS facilities.

        Let’s please not get something “started” that shouldn’t be an issue. We’re just thankful that such a wonderful place is open to hosting Gospel Music events!

      • Thanks for the clarification; yes, that’s a pretty important distinction.

  12. Texas!!!!??? Yay!!! I live about an hour from there, so I will be able to attend. Maybe I should write a concert summary and post some pics, aye, Daniel?

  13. That doesn’t surprise me Gayla ! Par for The course !

  14. Not to be all mushy but isn’t this event a reminder of why we’re fans of the best music around. What other music could you get members of one of the most popular groups ever to get together for a reunion event like this?

    • I have co-workers who listen to secular rock music, bands from when they were teenagers, etc., and from time to time they do talk about the rock bands from their era getting together for reunion concerts and sometimes even tours. Also, in our cousin genre of Bluegrass, it happens sometimes there; Doyle Lawson filmed a DVD ~5-7 years ago that had all or most all of his former members present (much like the Cathedrals Reunion VHS). So I don’t know that our genre is the only genre where it happens. But I’m sure glad it does happen here!

  15. Responding about the location for this Reunion. Texans usually have to drive quite a distance for any of the special concerts, because many are in the Bible Belt, or east and north of that. We’ve been driving from Houston to Louisville for years! We all wish concerts would be closer to our homes, but we all do what we want if it is affordable. With DVD recordings, etc., none of us is completely left out of viewing these special moments. We are glad this is being presented at a Baptist Seminary, and I look for others in the future at different venues. The Houston area has been blessed with many more gospel concerts since David Hancock began promoting concerts in the Brazoria County area, and is now moving into the wider Houston area ( I think the groups, sponsors, promoters, etc. do their best to get gospel music into every area that they can. Looking forward to Ft. Worth.

  16. A friendly note to anyone who has concerns about alumni not included in this event: It is best to raise these concerns with the event’s promoter (IMC Concerts). IMC has an email address and even a toll-free number listed on their website:

    A publicly accessible forum like this one isn’t the best place to raise concerns of this nature. Promoters are more likely than not just to get annoyed by publicly posted concerns. But if enough people contact a promoter directly, and put their concerns in the right way, well, sometimes, promoters have been known to change their minds! 🙂