Videos of Tribute Quartet

Yesterday, I uploaded a number of high-resolution videos of Tribute Quartet, taken at a concert a little over a week ago. Here’s their current single, “Good News From Jerusalem”:

And here are six more videos:

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  1. I have certainly enjoyed the videos of the Tribute Quartet. They are becoming a top group in my book! And the venue was beautiful with all the flowers. Great place to record a video.

  2. I agree, Linda. They’ve certainly established themselves as an A-list group in my book, and apparently a lot of other people’s too. I think with their current single “Good News From Jerusalem” flying up the charts, their recent win for “Homecoming Day” for traditional song of the year at the AGM awards, their presence at all the major concerts, nine top 10 nominations for Singing News Fan Awards for the second year in a row, at three nights at NQC, they’re making a good case for themselves to be headed straight to the top. They promote well on social media and by also using email and texting to their advantage. And they’re very personable when you talk to them, too. Thank you for sharing these videos, Daniel. If this is the future of gospel music, the industry is in good shape.

    • You’re welcome! I agree – with groups like Tribute, I think our genre’s future is in good hands.

  3. I heard Riley sing “God On The Mountain” as a solo at the Steve Hurst School of Music last year, and was very impressed with his interpretation. I’m glad to see that Tribute has included it in their repertoire. An outstanding rendition of an outstanding song.

  4. I’ve been a fan of Tribute for years, since Brian and Dennis were in the group. Initially I was hooked because of Josh’s on-stage personality, but over the years, the group just keeps getting better vocally as well. Can’t wait to hear the new project!

    I had the privilege to watch this concert live online. You certainly did a good job of featuring the highlights of the evening.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve been a fan of Tribute – and covering them here on this website – since the day they announced the quartet (September 26, 2006). 🙂

  5. I’m from Texas, and know that there are varied and sundry accents across this land. But, I cannot, for the life of me, determine the accent of the lead singer. 🙂

    Love the song, and the live presentation.

    • Gary is from West Virginia.

      • Ah, yes, that’s it. I’ve been trying to remember. I knew it was WV or OH. But is Donnie possibly talking about Josh Singletary and his crooning style of singing?

    • I think he is probably talking about Josh (who leads this song). Josh would tell you (as he has in videos he’s posted) that he sings the way he does to REMOVE his southern accent, so the words will be clear to the listener. So he’s trying to sing without an “accent”. He is definitely a unique singer in SG, and I’m so glad we have him.

      • Well, he succeeded in removing the Southern accent all right, beyond that perhaps he’s pushing a little too hard? 😉 I agree that it does sound like he has some exotic accent when he does this song.

      • I think it’s just that he’s going for a 50s crooner style.