Where is Glenn Dustin now?

One question that gets asked time and again in this website’s comments is “What happened to Glenn Dustin?” He left Legacy Five last July, after a thirteen-year run with the group.

He is now driving buses for the Hemphill Brothers (hat tip, Josh). In fact, at a dinner in January, he was named their Rookie of the Year; here’s a photo of him accepting the award.

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  1. So does anyone really know why he left L5?

    • Through the years, I have moved toward a position of being content with whatever a singer chooses to say publicly, and leaving it at that. By and large, I’m inclined to move toward that policy here on this site as well.

      Singers can leave groups and accept other jobs for any number of perfectly legitimate reasons. Sometimes the pay is better. Sometimes there’s a retirement plan, and they’ve hit a point in life where they’re thinking along those lines. Sometimes they’re introverted and find thousands of people each night draining instead of energizing. Sometimes they’re worn out, vocally or physically, from singing 200+ dates per year. Sometimes the jobs, even if they involve travel, allow more time to be at home with family. There are all sorts of legitimate reasons why someone comes off the road.

      • I’m glad thats what he’s doing, but how he resigned, had so many followers over the 12 plus yrs., ask questions, etc… it was such a shock. Don’t ypu feel he could have given them a fair warning ahead of time? Its so odd for him to resign in such a unusual way after being with them those many yrs..

      • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he did give them a fair warning. Many if not most singers leaving a group give the standard two-week notice. Sometimes the group chooses not to announce that till the week’s over, but that’s often the group’s decision and not the singer’s.

  2. He’s not the first singer to go the bus driver route. Miles Cooper of the Pine Ridge Boys, Gene McDonald of the Florida Boys, and I’m thinking Parker Jonathan of the Kingsmen, but not sure about him. There may be others…

    • Wayne Maynard of the Kingsmen is now driving bus for the city of Buford, IN. Didn’t realize so may have went that route

      • Well, it does make sense. Singing SG tenor or bass is a skill that doesn’t really translate well to many other lines of work at all. But driving a bus is a very marketable skill.

    • Coy Cook drove for the Masters V.

      • Fascinating; I didn’t know that.

        If I’m recalling correctly, Rabbit Easter was driving for Keith & Kristyn Getty’s Christmas Tour last year.

      • Funny you mention Rabbit Easter; he drives for the same company as Glenn. Matter of fact, if you go to http://www.hemphillbrothers.com, go to the Our Coaches tab, and click Our Drivers, you can see the full roster. Several former artists, as well as those with family connections to SG, are on the list.

  3. I am one who wondered about Glenn Dustin. I learned he was driving a bus a few weeks ago. Bass is my favorite part in any group but if driving a bus is what Glenn wants to do more power to him. Anyone should do what makes them happy and not what others want. Glenn, thank you for your time in music and I hope you enjoy bus driving. Blessings

  4. It’s a little hard to believe that such an amazing voice is now hidden behind a steering wheel. I mean, if this is what’s making him happy, more power to him. But he has an awesome voice and he would have a place in any quartet of the world; if sing in a trio, I surely would love to become a quartet with Glenn singing bass. And Gene McDonald is another one with a wonderful voice, and now he’s driving for Gordon Mote (if I’m not mistaken). Can’t understand it… But God bless him in whatever he’s doing.

    • Gene McDonald is actually driving for the Gaither’s now. He will often come out and sing a song or two on the Vocal Band/Homecoming tour.

  5. When Dale Brock left Poet Voices about 11 years ago he started driving. I think he is driving for Hemphill and has been there all this time. Most of those that drive like driving and they have a good bit of time at home. It was mentioned Parker Jonathan drives, he drives on tours for different artist and has time off and still does some singing when he is off. Group called The Jonathans which also includes his wife.

  6. Like many have mentioned, I can’t imagine a voice like Glenn’s not being used in singing. However, now, all he has to do is drive to shows. No rehearsing, no recording, no photo shoots, etc. I’m sure he’s getting to spend much more time at home with much less pressure.

  7. Daniel said a mouthful when he said singing tenor or bass in a SG group doesnt translate to the “real” world…its an incredibly HARD sell to a potential employer, believe me I KNOW 1st hand

  8. If I mentioned some of the names he’s hauling around, you’d know them immediately. It’s a real good gig for people with his skills set.

    But I do look forward to the day he starts singing again. It just ain’t the same around here without him.