Saturday News Roundup #169

Worth Knowing

  • The Dove Awards have added a number of new categories and eliminated others. Male and Female Vocalist of the Year are among the categories removed; a Southern Gospel Performance of the Year category has been added.

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of Triumphant Quartet singing their new (and rapidly-rising) radio single, “Take it From Me, Meshach”:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Anyone know why the Cathedrals stopped doing table top projects in 1984? They did a pile of them through the 1970’s and early 80’s, but Distinctively I do believe was the last one? Had they gotten so popular they didn’t have time anymore or was recording too expensive for just a tabletop or what? Any thoughts?

    • Perhaps it as a contractual thing. Later, they started Homeward Bound Music (Goin’ In Style} which I believe later became Homeland. As far as I know they were involved in that and of course Bill Trayl0r.

    • Maybe their mainlines had started selling well enough that they didn’t need the additional income!

      There were a number of other projects they did after that point – Especially For You, Acapella Christmas, 25th Anniversary, Worship His Glory, and Radio Days, at least – which other groups may have treated as table projects, but they treated as mainlines. Come to think of it, I’m not altogether sure that we shouldn’t think of 25th Anniversary much like a table project, even though it was released under their major-label deal.

      • I noticed that as well Daniel. Some of their label releases like Especially strongly resembled what would’ve been a tabletop project. An Old Convention Song could be be included in that list as well.

      • Agreed.

  2. Perhaps Geo and Glen knew when enough was enough!

  3. I’m just curious if you know any details about George Jones’ death. Not because I admire him, but because he had/has a soul. The secular eulogies certainly were not uplifting; I just remember my dad saying several years ago that Vestal had been trying to evangelize him.

  4. I have read comments before comparing traveling today versus 20 years ago. How that group members have better communication with home today than ever before. With cell phones, texting, Skype and Facetime singers can see and hear more from home. I have noticed that when a singer posts a picture to Facebook or Twitter everyone else in the picture can be seen on their own smartphone or laptop talking and interacting with others.

    Do you think that these new forms of communication are affecting the bond between group members. Or that the greater contact that singers have with loved ones and home are leading more people to leave the road compared to previous generations of singers? For the record anyone that wants to be home with family is making the right decision, family comes before ministry to me.

    Just a few thoughts this Sunday afternoon.