Saturday News Roundup #170

Worth Knowing

Worth Watching

One of the strongest moments on the latest entry in Legacy Five’s, Greater Vision’s, and the Booth Brothers’ Jubilee series, Jubilee 3, was a Rebecca Peck-penned convention song, “Treasures in Heaven.” Here’s a pretty innovative take on the song; who would have thought of it as a female trio song?

Also worth watching: Matt Fouch has uploaded a video interview with Legacy Five pianist Trey Ivey.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. No comments through the morning hours? Time to change that…

    The first time I watched that video after they posted it, I couldn’t even remember where I had heard the song before. Have to agree that it was one of the strongest songs on the Jubilee project, and these fine ladies cover it well here!

    • It had been my favorite song on that Jubilee project; I’d played it over and over and over. That’s why I knew it! 🙂

  2. They do a good Job on it.I just saw a youtube video of the Jubilee gang singing it and it’s all the tenors singing the different parts and when Michael Booth takes the low part at the end of the video makes me laugh so not use to hearing Michael sing I think it was baritone and Gus did the lead . It’s a fun song .

  3. Want to know what the Lester’s sound like with a bass singer?

    Pat, you are quite a character!

  4. Don’t think I saw an announcement around here about a new bass for the Anchormen yet. I found this video on youtube; don’t know if it’s the new bass for them or just a fill-in. Anyone know more??

    • I saw The Anchormen, without a bass singer last week. But talking to Terry, their new bass singer is a former member of Terry Carters former group Adoration, I believe his name is Chris Serlick.

      • Ok, so that’s the guy in the video than. I thought he said Chris something after the first verse, but I couldn’t make it out for sure. Sounds like a descent voice.

  5. I saw a streaming video of Liberty Quartet with Tim Parton as their baritone. We liked Jordan Cragun when he was with the group but I think they’re just as good with Tim, and he plays the piano. These guys are REALLY good!