No more Bass of the Year or Favorite Mixed Group?

That’s the story making the rounds today in Southern Gospel music. According to a post made by Rick Hendix at the SoGospelNews message board, the only Singing News Fan Awards for 2007 will be in the following categories: Group, Male Singer, Female Singer, Horizon Group, Horizon Individual, Pianist, Young Artist, Songwriter, Song, and Album.

If the report is accurate, there will be no more awards for favorite soprano, alto, tenor, lead, baritone, and bass, and no more separate awards for favorite male quartet, favorite mixed quartet, and favorite trio.

I’ve sent an email to Danny Jones at the Singing News asking him to either deny or confirm the story. I also asked if input from the fans might make any difference. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few categories go, but I would definitely miss the awards I mentioned above.

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  1. Daniel,
    I would have to agree with you on this one. Mixed groups and trios were barely recognized before they decided to give out individual awards. This would take us back to only seeing all male quartets win. This is a bad, bad idea!!

  2. Seaton, there is another possibility, and that is that one trio might win everything, and no quartets of any sort get recognized. Either way, mixed quartets would probably be out.

    I this move would be perceived as a step backwards, admitting that we did not have enough professional trios (as an example) to make an award in that category competitive.

  3. I hope this rumor isn’t true!!! I enjoy all of the categories and I think there are so many that deserve recognition that won’t get it if the number of categories is cut this drastically. Don’t know that you’ll get an answer from Danny until after Christmas, either. His last blog said he was leaving on a “long-awaited time away from productive employment”, so I hope he won’t be looking at e-mail!!!

  4. I’m afraid it’s more than a rumor. Rick Hendrix, who posted it on the SoGospelNews website, is a pretty authoritative inside source.

  5. True. Of course, I wasn’t the one calling it a rumor in the first place, but then I also did not consider it officially confirmed until I got the statement from Jim Cumbee.

  6. Not to mention that rumor is nipped in the bud at SoGospelNews. Rick’s statement was and is verified.

  7. well i prsionly think that its realy up to the fans and it doesnt matter how many awards or how many votes anyone should get its about the heart and its about the gosple of jesus,