Updates to #1 Hit Analysis posts

Yesterday, I updated the reference section’s Singing News #1 History page, and the accompanying analysis pages. They had been current through the January 2013 charts; they are now current through June 2013. Notable changes include:

On Singing News #1 Hits: Analyzed by Artist:

  • With their March 2013 #1 “All is Well,” The Whisnants’ thirteenth, they remain at 3rd place, but are one away from tying The Crabb Family’s fourteen.
  • With their April 2013 #1 “Just Preach Jesus,” The Kingdom Heirs’ seventh, they move up to a two-way tie for 9th place with The Inspirations. They have now surpassed The Cathedrals’ six #1 hits (though not, of course, the nineteen months The Cathedrals spent at #1).
  • With their May 2013 #1 “I Got a Hold of God This Morning,” The Perrys’ tenth, they now enter a three-way tie for 5th place, joining The Talleys and Gold City.

The page also includes an analysis of the most months spent at #1. The only notable change is that The Whisnants moved up to 11th place.

On Singing News #1 Hits: Analyzed by Label:

  • Crossroads added two #1 hits, going from 65 to 67, remaining in 1st place.
  • Daywind also added two, going from 48 to 50, remaining in 2nd place
  • United Independent Artists added one, going from 13 to 14, and remaining in 6th place.

On Singing News #1 Hits: Analyzed by Songwriter:

  • With her eighth #1, “Just Preach Jesus” (Kingdom Heirs), Dianne Wilkinson moves from a three-way tie for 5th place to a solo 5th place spot.
  • Kyla Rowland’s fifth #1, “I Got A Hold of God This Morning” (Perrys), moves her from a six-way tie for 8th place to a four-way tie for 7th (or 12th, if you account for other ties).

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