What percentage of your music listening hours are to AM/FM radio?

What percentage of your music listening hours are spent listening to AM/FM music radio? For these purposes, we’re not counting Sirius/XM or online/app-only radio stations (like Pandora, Spotify, or Live365) in these percentages. (If you get this via email or RSS, click here to visit the site and vote in the poll.)

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  1. Big fat ZERO.

    • Me, too, because I don’t receive any up in the mountains, where I live!

      • Oh, yes…I’d listen if it existed where I live!

      • I ought to have broken down between 0% by choice and 0% by necessity!

  2. These are really big bins. I fall into the 1-25% bin, but a lot closer to 1% than 25%.

    • I set up really big bins on purpose, to avoid presenting so many options that people just didn’t vote. 🙂

  3. I’m like you others….I’d listen more if it were available where I live. My local AM radio station plays gospel daily from 11:15 AM – 12 PM, again from 12:40 PM – 1 PM and then on Sundays from 9 AM – 10 AM.

    If i lived in Asheville, I’d probably tune in to WGCR, 720 AM, out of Pisgah Forest or WKJV, 1380 AM, out of Asheville. They have a decent mix of music (although not up to date, mainstream Southern Gospel) and preaching throughout the day.

    • I don’t think I get either of them where I live. I think I used to get one of the two in the car before the car’s antenna broke, but when I tuned in, it was local talent – very local. 😮 🙂

      • I understand about the ‘local’ talent 🙂

    • …or if I go East (toward Spruce Pine or Marion, NC), I listen to JoyFM on 88.1 FM.

      • Now that has some top-quality programming. I’d listen to them, at least in the car, if they were in my area.

      • You would think that the WNC/Asheville area would be a good market for JoyFM. Wish they would get a local station…

      • Agreed.

  4. I have so many wonderful CD and DVD’s of Christian Music I put them on and don’t take them all – near all day long.

  5. When I do listen to the radio, it is mostly to hear sermons and other broadcasts. I like my own music better than what some DJ throws together. 🙂

  6. I prefer to listen to my own collection, for two reasons . . .

    1. No Commercials
    2. No one knows what I want to hear better than I do 🙂

  7. In the part of Texas where I live we only have one station that plays any SG and it’s only for 5 hours on Saturday. If I happen to be in the car when it’s on (particularly the last 2 hours which are the Gospel Greats) I will tune it in. With so many other options out there, I just don’t think in about 90% of the US that Southern Gospel is a viable format on traditional AM/FM radio anymore – gots to have the sponsors to keep it afloat and businesses won’t sponsor junk. There are not enough JOY FM’s and a handful of other stations that do it right – and they are pretty much all in the same part of the country from what I can tell.

  8. I am spoiled by Enlighten and my own personal collection of great CD’s. I travel frequently where I can listen to JOY FM, but I am so accustomed to the song title and artist showing up on my screen from Enlighten – that I get frustrated.

    However, I grew up listening to gospel on AM stations throughout the Carolinas.


  9. Well, I’m almost at 100%. Since I work at a SG radio station, and it’s on all the time at my desk…..

    I’ll occasionally listen to my music playlist when the programing is on, or when I want to listen to a new album. Of course, when I’m doing chores like mowing the lawn, I have favorite albums I’ll listen to that keeps me on track.

    Since the station streams online (http://kwfc.org), I’ll often listen to the radio on my iPhone as well. Oh yeah!

  10. I live in the bay area(north ca) trasplant from Tx. I listen to 770 am the have gospel singing Satuday and Sunday

    afternoon. I dont the gentlmen name but he’s a member of the Herb Henry Family. I enjoy the program they play the

    Goodmans to the Collingsworth Family. He also gives information to concerts in the area.

    Carly Young

  11. Listened to a lot of terrestrial radio last year before Solid Gospel 104.9 in Murfreesboro turned contemporary. Now, unless I happen upon a station when I am traveling, the answer would be zero. Very disappointing, because 104.9’s playlist was 10 times better than Enlighten.

  12. I’m not going to say 0 simply because when I’m in a vehicle, it’s usually the radio that’s on.

    But if we’re talking SG music? Yeah, it’s zero.

  13. first time to post on here. If some of you are not familiar with me, I sang baritone for 8 years with Naomi Sego, and also started in radio back in 1981 at the age of 14. Was on the nomination for DJ of the Year in SN in 1995 when I was Program Director/Afternoon Drive at WSTS-FM in Fairmont/Lumberton, NC, and last year when I was Afternoon Drive at WTRM-FM in Winchester, VA using the air name Brian Scott. I am now Program Director/Afternoon Drive of a country station called Froggy 99 in Parkersburg, WV I don’t claim to be an expert, but after over 30 years of on-air work, I’d like to throw my .02 in here.

    I don’t have an issue with satellite related radio, and I know that when you’re riding on trips it does get kinda frustrating when stations fade out. But one thing terrestrial radio offers that satellite can’t is LOCAL CONTENT…1 on 1 connectivity. If you’re sitting in the middle of I-77 near Parkersburg, WV, satellite radio can’t tell you why you’re sitting still, but you bet your bippy that Froggy 99 WILL tell you about that overturned 18 wheeler at the Mineral Wells exit that has you backed up for miles, and what exit you can take to get around it. I WANT my airstaff to have that 1 on 1 connection with our listeners. I’m thankful that our country competitor here is owned by Clear Channel and that the only local jock they have is their morning show (which, BTW, our morning show beat in the Arbitrons last book :D)

    As for gospel radio, quite honestly, a lot of what local stations air is junk….groups that somebody told them they sounded pretty good and should go do a CD. JoyFM has got it going on. So did WTRM before it was sold and dropped SG for Christian Talk. Back during my touring and singing days, I enjoyed listening to stations that “got it” like the ones in Springfield, MO, Ocean Springs, MS, & 770 AM in Lexington, KY. Unfortunately, these gospel stations are in the minority. Most southern gospel radio stations, quite honestly, are an embarrassment. They play less than quality music. The people they have on as “air talent” have no reason to be on. One time I was driving Naomi’s bus somewhere and I was scanning to find a gospel station and I heard a guy on come out of a song and he said he was honored to be on the air as a servant of the Lord (that’s awesome!) and your “radio pernouncer” for the afternoon (NOT AWESOME AT ALL)

    I feel that if you’re going to be on the air, playing music that uplifts, edifies, and gives glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, it MUST be done with the same quality, the same slickness, the same professionalism, and the same LOCAL CONNECTION as secular radio. When it is, I feel satellite radio can’t hold a candle to it. When its not, not only are you driving away that person that may be under conviction needing salvation, you’re also losing to satellite radio.

    Sorry for ranting.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I do know who you are. That’s a very interesting perspective!

  14. I wondered where Scott had been hiding at. Lol.

  15. Just been out here makin’ a living’ watchin’ everybody else havin’ fun…or something like that. Heard your new group, Joe. Very good sound, but with Phil Barker singing tenor, what else could you expect, right?

    • Hey Scott,
      Thanks about the group. We are working very hard Phil Barker and I have been friends since my fill in days with the Singing American back in 86. He’s a great feller and ain’t lost a thing singing. I’ll get Daniel to shoot my email to you and I can chit chat with you. As far as the radio stuff goes I’m a talk radio junky and have spent years listening to Rush n Hannity and I’ve never heard them play a gospel song. Thats crazy. I do however have select channels preset for Joy FM and the other gospel staions when I’m traveling out of town. There is WZAP in Bristol VA with Glen Harlow at the mic and he is awesome. He plays all the good stuff all the time. He is about it locally in East TN. Anyway my percentage of radio is on the low side. I miss having 3-4 stations to choose from.