Saturday News Roundup #171

Worth Knowing

  • Congratulations to my younger brother (and occasional contributor) Michael on his homeschool high school graduation this afternoon!
  • When the Gaither Vocal Band released their most recent mainline, Pure and Simple, there was some discussion over the fact that they had recorded several tracks listed in early listings that didn’t make the final cut. Two of these tracks, “On the Road to Emmaus” and a showstopping acapella rendition of “One Voice,” are now available in a Walmart-exclusive edition of Best of Homecoming 2013 (retailing for $10). The CD is available elsewhere, but without the two exclusive tracks.

Worth Watching

About a month ago, we embedded a video of the Collingsworth Family rehearsing “Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary” for their upcoming hymns album. Here’s a video of them doing it live in concert:

Talk about a moment that reminds you why we love Southern Gospel!

Also, here’s one of our first glimpses of David Mann’s Promise Trio with new baritone singer Matt Baker:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. My guess on the Homecoming thing though is that they aren’t studio cuts, but from the Homecoming series (which would be why it is Best of the Homecoming). However, I guess it is still something since the Pure and Simple DVD didn’t have a live CD release. I wish somehow the studio version that had been recorded and supposed to be on there (as well as the other cuts, I believe) would surface somewhere.

    • The sample on the Walmart website sounds like studio tracks to me. I would think that the additional tracks could be released digitally at the time the cd was released. I’m a cd guy but would buy the digital tracks to have all the new music released at the time.

    • They are both studio cuts.

  2. Are those the only additional tracks that did not make the final cut for Pure and Simple? I remember there were a few track listings floating around. When I watched the DVD’s and heard On The Road To Emmaus I really wanted to get the song on cd. I am glad that it has been released.

  3. noticed this morning on Cathedral family reunion facbook page that all living former emers hav been officialy invited to the reunion

  4. wow my fingers cant spell..lolol all living members have^

  5. Hey Daniel, I was thinking about you this morning and your devotion to this sight and to gospel music in general. You always approach subjects with objectivity, dignity and impressive knowledge. Thank you for that!

    Also, I think your readership must be large enough now to have some interest in sponsorship. You have certainly proven yourself with longevity. Ever thought of asking groups/organizations if they would like to advertise here? I worked in marketing for years and can’t seem to stop thinking in those terms. 🙂 . Just a random thought.

    • You’re welcome!

      You’re right, there might be some interest in sponsorship. It’s just that, having two of my first three jobs be in sales, I’d be happy if I never had to sell another thing again. I’d contemplate accepting sponsorships/advertising, but it’s rather unlikely that I would ever go out to get them!

      • I understand that! Yes, marketing is a challenging line of work.

        Nonetheless, good luck and maybe someone will read this, give you a call and want to place a gigantic fabulous ad right here on this widely read, reputable sight. Was that a good endorsement-lol? But wait, call in the next 5 minutes and you will receive not one, but two…..oh wait, that’s the wrong thing. LOL

      • Thanks!

        (Yeah. I’m not Gaither. 🙂 )

  6. Congratulations Michael! You’re FAMOUS now!

    • Thank you, “Daniel’s Siblings”!

      And thank you Daniel also.

  7. Since I don’t see a comment here about the Collingsworth Family, I’ll start one. 🙂 Has anyone heard anything as perfect in every way as their performance of Burdens are Lifted at Calvary? Absolutely Awesome! (And, yes, I know there are others) 🙂 It certainly sets a higher standard than we sometimes see and hear.

  8. I never saw “One Voice” listed as a track for _Pure And Simple_.

    The two songs that were listed at one point that didn’t make the final cut were “On The Road To Emmaus” and “Long Time Gone.”

    Those two were dropped and “Come To Jesus,” “I’ll Pray For You,” and “Sow Mercy” were added.

    • Fair enough, but I suspect they recorded it then. At any rate, I thought I had heard some discussion of it being recorded somewhere around that time.

      • That is likely. Gaither mentioned at NQC last fall that people had been asking why they were singing a song they didn’t have on a recorded project, and he explained they had plans to release the song in the future.

  9. I have enjoyed watching several videos on YouTube recently of Gold City reunion footage, with Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike Lefevre and Tim Riley. They sure did have some awesome songs in their repertoire.
    Unfortunately, I noticed Ivan Parker must have been having an off night, or something. He seems to have lost his upper range. I always thought he was one of the best lead singers in SG.

    • Ivan is in his mid-50s now…it’s rare for a singer to not lose some range off the top when they get up in that age range.