Palmetto State Quartet to retire group name

Larry Strickland, Palmetto State Quartet bass singer/manager, has announced that the Palmetto State Quartet name will once again be retired. The group is running a contest and accepting replacement name suggestions at┬á The winning entry will receive a $500 cash prize, the first copy of the group’s next CD, front row seats to any upcoming concert, and assorted other prizes. The group intends to announce the replacement name on June 3rd.

The quartet has been based out of Tennessee, not South Carolina (the Palmetto State), for a number of years, so the change only makes sense.

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  1. I am glad they are retireing the name , while they have a good sound , they do not have that traditional sound that Palmeto St . was known for.

  2. Wonder when the Florida Boys from Tennessee will do the same?

    • You just have to love these geographic anachronisms! ­čÖé

      • Do you know if anyone has left the group? It said there had been some vocal changes, just wondering.

      • I don’t know, but It may be as simple as the changes we already know about.

  3. It’s funny; everyone who is commonly associated with the Palmetto State Quartet has been gone from them for a while; even those we would think of as “contemporary” members like John Rulapaugh or Tony Peace. This version of the group isn’t even a quartet, and contains mostly members who have joined in the past year or two. And now the name is changing. Can we even call them the same group anymore?

    • That’s kind of the point of the name change, it appears. There’s no point in calling it the same group!

      • Any word on the new name?

      • I haven’t heard anything!

  4. I just submitted three: King’s Ransom, Southern Gold and Harmony Hill.

  5. I agree changing there name is a good move. But I also think it would be good to see someone like Tony Peace, take the retiring name (Pametto State) and revive a real good solid quartet. It is much needed in our industry and there are some good singers not singing right now!

    • Hey, Freedom’s looking for a baritone. Maybe Tony Peace could buy the rights to the PSQ name and hire Freedom to be his tenor and lead. Then all he needs is a new bass and pianist and the PSQ is reborn, with at least two names well-known as part of PSQ history! Three if he hires Woody Beatty or Andrew Ishee back for piano.

    • Kerry Beaty is still around somewhere. He was the previous owner of the group maybe he could revive the name and group as a SOUTHERN gospel group.

      • I could be wrong but my impression has been that during the Tony Peace years, Peace himself as MC, and later Rulapaugh as an impressive tenor, were the two big draws for the group. I don’t recall a ton of protest or calls of “this group will never be the same” when Kerry Beatty left. Again, I could be wrong.

    • Agreed – Tony Peace, Kerry Beatty, Brion Carter, Jeff Pearles (I know he is with a group) and Andrew Ishee produced one of the best SoGo albums of the last 25 years with When He Blessed My Soul. If you don’t have it you should try to find it.

      • That is the iteration of the group that I first became familiar with–and I enjoyed it very much!

      • This makes the 4th time in this blog’s history that I find myself talking positlvly about the album “When He Blessed My Soul”….
        Real, geunine, “4 man and a piano player”, quartet music.
        Jeff is one of the best basses around… hardly gets recognized though.

        The album that had “Good Morning” was good also. So was “There’s Something Going On”.
        Brion, Kerry, Tony, & Jeff were good.

  6. The article in Singing News said there had been some recent vocal changes, has anyone left the group?

    • Paul Lancaster left (unknown reason) back in February. They do have a new lead/baritone traveling with them, but I don’t recall his name.

  7. Has anyone heard anything else about the name change or the line-up for the group?

  8. What’s the current status of the group????

    • They’re still going. The winner of the renaming contest, though, has (obviously!) not yet been announced.

      • I thought I read an open letter yesterday (Thursday) from Larry Strickland about the group retiring.


        Larry doesn’t sound happy.

      • Olaneljonoisleje, please take no offense that I edited out the link. Strickland ended up having some second thoughts and taking the post down. I have been asked (though not by Strickland himself) to not spread that further and told that further news is coming soon.

      • Unhappy doesn’t do that justice. Wow, just wow. Um, if I might push the boundary here, he sounds like he’s done with SG music period. Not to be critical either but I’m not a big fan of people naming names in a press release of who they still like.

  9. Daniel,

    No offense taken. I was really surprised at the tone of the letter. It’s just sad to hear about Christians being unkind to other Christians. It reminds me of what the Lord said in Luke 9:50 “And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.”

    • Agreed. Any unkindness is uncalled for. It appeared to me, though, that some of the frustration was due to not getting invitations to the mainstage at major events like the NQC and others; my reaction when I saw that part was that nobody is guaranteed NQC mainstage, no matter how significant the group’s history has been in the past. One need look no further than the Blackwood Brothers to prove that point; they founded NQC, but have spent most of the last 10 years either in showcases or not there at all. (They have been on mainstage at least once or twice in the last ten years, I think, though.)

      • I guess I should apologize too. I was up late and I think that kind of blew me away at that hour because I wasn’t expecting it. My apologies, my post probably wasn’t needed.

      • AJ, I don’t really think there was any need for apologies. When a group member puts a statement out publicly on social media, it is generally viewed as a public statement that fans can discuss/comment on/etc. It just gets trickier when that public statement is taken down. For all I know, your comment may have been made before the statement was taken down.