Sony’s Thoughts: God is Holy

Typically on holidays I write a post that ties in with that day. However, today I’ve been reading Jeremiah and thinking about how holy and righteous God is. Scripture says no flesh can glory in His presence. I would add that if we knew how wretched we really were, we would tremble in His presence. 

God is looking for a Church without spot or wrinkle but His Church seems to be losing sight of the fact that they are God’s representatives on the earth. No wonder people don’t believe in God; they don’t see Him. Sure they can see Him in creation but we are part of God’s creation and many who claim to know Him don’t represent Him well. 

As I write this, I think of the old song,  “Is My Lord Satisfied With Me?” That’s all that really matters. Am I a daughter He is happy with? Will He accept me with arms wide open or turn His face in shame? I pray to be faithful, to represent Him well so as not to cause Him shame. I want to be holy as He is holy. With Him, all things are possible. Then, as I follow Him, I want to lead others to Him as well. 





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