Saturday News Roundup #172

Worth Knowing

  • Monroe Hopper, one of the original members of the Hopper Brothers and Connie, passed away yesterday morning.
  • Little Jimmy Taylor passed away late Wednesday evening. He was pianist for the Rebels Quartet from 1952-1969 and from 1972-1974. He also wrote the song “Dear Jesus, Abide With Me,” cut by the Rebels Quartet in 1960, the Blackwood Brothers in 1961, and numerous other groups in the early ’60s.
  • On Tuesday, Beyond the Ashes baritone vocalist Kellan Monroe announced his departure from the group on his Facebook page. He said that he is “very excited about this new season and direction in my life and thankful for all God is doing,” but did not specify his future plans. A video was posted to Facebook of former Freedom baritone Tyler Vestal filling in at a concert last weekend—intriguing given that Freedom and Beyond the Ashes are on polar opposite ends of the Southern Gospel spectrum.
  • A new Homecoming video recording will be taped next Tuesday. It is being billed as “our first-ever all-women’s Homecoming!” This, however, refers only to the vocalists; Bill Gaither will be there to host, and current Boxcars / former Isaacs member John Bowman mentioned on Facebook that he will be part of the live band, playing fiddle and mandolin. A 90-minute selection of what will ultimately result in a two-DVD taping will be aired live for members.

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of Inspirations bass singer Mike Holcomb singing tenor:

(That’s a B-flat above middle C at the end—a note that most lead singers don’t even try to hit!)

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I’m guessing Bill Gaither already has plans to do a Men of Homecoming taping, the one he gave us a taste of on the Nashville Homecoming video with I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now , he must have shared his plans with Gloria and she then requested that they do a Women of Homecoming video first, ladies first. Looking forward to the taping. 🙂

  2. Union Street streamed their concert live last night. It can be seen here:

    Second video down is the beginning of the concert. The first video is the end of the concert.

    • Very good concert. Wish there was someway they could get their ipad (I think that is what they are using) closer to the stage so you could get a better view of the group. It may be impossible to do this with Chris running both sound and the video. Lights were too bright on their faces washig them out. The audio was very good. Appreciate the opportunity to be able to see their concert. This is the second we have watched.

  3. After watching this video, had to go back into the archives and watch this one. That’s some range!

    • Sure is!

      • I would have never believed it… Mike Holcomb is the lowest bass singer in SG, and the guy can sing some serious tenor! Amazing!!!

      • Is this on Youtube? I would love to see more of this!!!

      • Mike Holcomb has awesome vocal range. The Inspirations used to swap parts for a song or two during concerts in the 1970’s. Mike would often times sing lead or baritone and he sounded just as good as a lead or baritone singer. I agree completely that he is one of the lowest and bes bass singers in SGM ever.

      • What is the title of that song?

      • Someone please post the rest of this or tell us where to find it on Youtube! What is the title of the song???

  4. A few days ago we stuck Triumphant Quartet’s “Everyday” CD in the computer and listened to it with Windows Media Player.

    Then we looked at it and realized it showed the picture of Greater Vision’s “Not Alone” CD and a complete song list for Not Alone’s songs! It still played Everyday, but claimed it was playing Not Alone!

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Yes! For several CDs of mine. Only with Windows Media Player tho. So weird, anyone else??

    • That’s funny it is that way on my MP3 player too. Same groups, and same albums! Weird !!

    • Wow! So it has happened to others.

      We wonder why that is!

      • Probably the first person – whether with the artist, the label, or a fan – to enter the information and submit it to CDDB submitted the wrong information.

      • It could be a CDDB issue as Daniel mentioned, but I suspect that more likely, the record label starts with a previous file as a template and then forgets to change all the blanks.

        I deliberately turn off automatic updates in programs like Windows Media Player, because I’ve had instances in the past where I manually put the correct information in the format that I prefer and that auto-update thing changed it to something else.

        I had a similar issue with some Crossroads MP3 downloads some time ago, and those were all with auto-update in WMP disabled. Rather than showing the correct cover, they showed a Crossroads soundtrack cover instead.

  5. There’s a YouTube video of Jeremy Peace singing bass. The YouTube caption is “The Old Paths have some fun with Have a little talk with Jesus”. His range is amazing too.

  6. Hey what cd did Gold City do I’ll Have A New Life on? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

    • A Collection of Favorites, Volume 1, 2010.

  7. Yes!!! Windows and mp3 also. So is it Greater Triumphant or Triumphant Vision? lol

    • I think “Triumphant Vision” has more of a ring to it!

  8. Just saw on Twitter a picture of Jeff Stice singing the Old White Flag last night in concert. Would love to see a video of that.

    • My friend Jamie Minchey made a video of it. It’s on her socialcam and her Facebook page. Not sure how to see it otherwise.

  9. Mike is an incredible singer! Great tone in his voice

  10. What’s the news from the Taylors’ camp? I see former group member Leslie and her husband Aaron are moving from Cincy back to North Carolina, and present group member Suzanne is marrying Aaron Hise (of the Whisnants) tomorrow. Any news about possible changes in the group?

  11. More noteworthy news, Habedank is leaving the Perrys, sad.

  12. I recently talked to Leslie Taylor-Perkins and she said that she is going to start singing with the Taylors again. I think she has already started traveling with them on a couple of dates if not she will be as soon as she moves to NC. Last time I talked to Suzanne and this was before she got married she and Aaron were going to stay in their respective groups. Will have to wait to see if that will happen or not… 🙂

    • I’ve seen several youtube videos of the Taylors being a mixed quartet again. It does look a little funny since they haven’t added Leslie back on the background picture they use.