Mark Trammell Quartet hires Dustin Black

The Mark Trammell Quartet just announced that Dustin Black has accepted the position of tenor. Black grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, and is the first Yankee the group has ever hired. When he started filling in, he was so new to the genre of music that he underwent a ninety-day trial period so that both Black and the group could be certain he was the right fit before the hire was finalized.

Mark Trammell comments: “We are SO excited about Dustin coming on board and we look forward to what is in store for both Dustin and MTQ. I am still convinced that God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. … He is a brand new face to gospel music and has already made many new friends across the country with his winning smile and warm personality. He has proven to be a true Christian Gentleman in every way. I was immediately impressed with this young man and his ability to just be one of the boys. Dustin had only been to one gospel concert prior to walking on our bus. It was a Gaither event in California a few years back while he was finishing his Masters degree in music at West Coast Baptist College.”

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  1. Haven’t heard him, except in a very early YouTube video, but I trust Bro. Mark’s judgment more than just about anyone’s, and am excited about this fresh face in SG!

    • I have heard him, and I think he’ll do just fine with the group. 🙂

  2. I am excited to hear Dustin! I know that Mark is one of the best in scouting out talent and I am so excited that there is a new face in southern gospel!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yankee?

    • Last I checked, Michigan is north of the Ohio River. 🙂

  4. Ready to hear this lineup! Mark has always had a drive for quality in his group, so I know it’ll be good.
    Plus this man may be one of the finest Christians I’ve seen in this genre.

  5. There’s just something about a singer from Michigan. Just sayin’.

    • Totally agree David. ha ha

      • Yep, Michigan guys are the best haha

    • There’s “something” about them, alright…but who can say what exactly that is!! 🙂

  6. I have a sister who is attending the college that Dustin graduated from, and it is a great school filled with very godly and genuine Christian staff. I am very excited to meet Dustin because he comes from a very good school.

  7. Does anyone know where I can find a link of him singing? I looked on YouTube but was unsuccessful.

    • I haven’t seen much yet, at least much of quality.

  8. Had the privilege of working with Dustin and The MTQ a couple times during the trial run. I am very excited because of the quality person Dustin is. He has a beautiful voice, kind spirit and a great work ethic. I am expecting GREAT things from this quartet.

    I’ll add that Mark has shown tremendous management wisdom throughout this whole transition. Very proud of the whole group.


  9. That Yankee comment cracked me up! There must a lot of ‘smelly’ people in SG! lol 🙂

  10. We’ve seen Dustin I think three or four times with Mark and I’ll say that he sounds great with the group and fits in well with them. First night he traveled with them he was sick and could not sing, Jessica filled in that night at the last minute. Got a chance to meet Dustin that night and talk with him. I was very impressed that night. Later we’ve heard him sing with the group and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with him once they hear him and get to know him There is a lot of yankee’s singing and I’ve found most of them good singers and they just don’t seem to have that ‘yankee’ attitude about them. You would never know where they were from unless you had been told where they were from. As long as he can eat catfish & hushpuppied, grits and say y’all he will fit perfect with those of us from the south. Remember also groups on occasion sing up north and the folks up there will be glad to see one of their own singing Southern Gospel Music.

    • My favorite group of all time was a group from up in Yankee land…anybody ever hear of the Cathedrals? 🙂

      • Yes. And I like bringing them up on occasion. Any time someone will bring up, “Well, you’re just a northerner, what do you know?” (even though I’ve been a Southerner for around three years now!), it’s an awfully nice comeback to say, “Well, I grew up just one hour from where the greatest Southern Gospel group of all time was based!” 🙂

  11. Would love to know how Dustin Black ended up with MTQ? If he is new to SGM, how did they connect? Just curious.

    • He had applied for a position with another group. They had just selected someone, but knew MTQ was looking. The other group referred him over.

  12. Here is a clip of Dustin singing w/ MTQ. I think he fits in very well with them.

    • I was at that concert. It was Dustin’s first weekend on stage with them. On top of nerves, he was also recovering from laryngitis. Very glad to see that he persevered and got the job!

  13. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dustin through his brother, my pastor, and I just pray he stays in Gods will. He is quite talented. Good luck to him.