Free Southern Gospel sampler posted

Crossroads has released a free twelve-song sampler on AmazonMP3, here. It includes songs from many of the label’s leading artists; most are radio singles, and several are #1 hits. It’s worth checking out; most readers will find at least a couple of songs you didn’t have already.

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  1. Thanks, Daniel!

  2. Nice. Once again, Crossroads continues to lead the way in terms of digital music distribution.

  3. Is there a Volume 1? I tried to find it on Amazon but didn’t have any success.

  4. Thanks Daniel!

  5. Thanks Daniel! Have a nice week!

  6. Excellent selection of songs and from the comments, it seems like several were not familiar with the music. SOOOO, with only the record label name in fine print on Amazon (no website info) will people look for Crossroads or the artists they enjoy? I hope so!!

    • Either way, it doesn’t matter all that much. If they’re getting those artists’ projects – whether on Amazon, at iTunes, at a bookstore, at a concert, or on the Crossroads website – it helps both the artist and the label.

  7. You’re the BEST, Daniel!!! Thanks so much for sharing that! 🙂