Song Snapshots #36: Give Me Jesus (Couriers)

Song Snapshots is a column featuring the stories behind new and classic Southern Gospel songs.

One day, the Couriers were in downtown Philadelphia. They were visiting a long-time supporter of the group who had invited them over for a meal. “She has gone on to be with the Lord now, but she would come to our concerts for years,” Couriers lead singer Neal Enloe recalls. “She had us come to her house, saying, ‘We want to fix a meal for you.’”

He recalls that her house was on a narrow street and had a tiny porch. “The food wasn’t ready,” he recalls, “so I went out to the front porch just to sit down and think a little bit.”

“All of a sudden,” he says, “the idea for ‘Give Me Jesus’ came to me,” and he wrote it in no time flat.

The song’s message of submission still resonates deeply with him. “I like songs that put me on the altar, because that’s where the most meaningful part of my life has been lived. That’s one of them.”

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  1. I have enjoyed your song snapshots as it definitely makes a song more notable. Thanks also for this recording from the Couriers! They are missed and I’m glad I have a few of their remakes of earlier recordings.

    Blessings to you!~

  2. My favorite cut of this song was by west coast group called the Accents. Their lead singer Rusty Peavy does a wonderful job on it. They had great harmonies and original arrangements. They recorded “Give Me Jesus” on an LP called “New Dimensions In Sacred Sounds”. If you can find the LP on ebay or Amazon grab it. You’ll not be disappointed. Great song!

    • Out of curiosity, I checked both Amazon and eBay and both have the LP available for a steal of a deal. They did one other project called “Make It Happen”. Though not as enjoyable as the first still a unique project, and worth having.