Dixie Melody Boys hire Aaron Dishman

Aaron Dishman

Last month, the Dixie Melody Boys announced that baritone Steven Cooper’s would be transitioning to the bass guitar position, after his doctor prescribed several years of vocal rest. Yesterday evening, they sent out a press release announcing his replacement: They have hired Aaron Dishman as their new baritone/pianist.

Dishman had filled in several years ago at the pianist position. “We fell in love with his spirit,” bass singer and manager Ed O’Neal stated. “When this came open, we knew he would be a great fit.”

Tenor and publicist Matt Felts added, “We are excited to have Aaron join us. When he came to audition and sat down at the piano to sing us a song, you could feel God’s spirit. He will add so much to our concerts and I know the fans will love him.”

The Dixie Melody Boys are currently accepting applications for the lead singer position vacated yesterday by Mike Rogers, who moved to Brian Free & Assurance

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  1. In conjunction with God’s Will in the future and given the history of the Ed O’Neal University, Mr. Dishman will be a name to be respected in southern gospel in the near future.
    Being pianist does not hurt as someone who can, like Matt Felts stated above, “sit down at the piano to sing us a song, you could feel God’s spirit.”
    Sitting down at the piano and singing at the same time during a concert only brings back memories of the past and presnt piano players that have the same gifts and talents.

  2. So does this mean the “Boys” will now be once again using live piano during their concerts? If so, that is a good thing. I always though the type of songs they sing needed a piano player to go along with them. 🙂

  3. I read somewhere, probably here or on another blog like this one, that Devin McGlamery was once a member of the Dixie Melody Boys, was he a member of the group in 2001?

    • Seeing this kind of bio on EH&SSQ’s website says alot for Ed O’Neal Unversity, KPNR, EH&SSQ, last but more importantly, Devin’s family;


    • Devin was a member from 2000 to 2004 when he left to join Karen Peck & New River (the group he left to join EH&SS). Many, many singers and musicians got their start thanks to Ed O’Neal, including, but not limited to, Rodney Griffin, Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Jerry Kelso, Tony Brown, David Walker, Eric Ollis, Harold Reed, Dustin Sweatman, Jamie Caldwell, Derrick Selph, Craig Singletarry and Bryan Walker.

  4. Another recap of holes to fill:

    Dixie Echoes Bass
    Dixie Melody Boys Lead
    Inspirations Lead
    Perrys Lead
    Beyond the Ashes Baritone
    Freedom Baritone

    and possibly:

    The Anchormen have not announced a new bass yet, but Chris Serlick has been singing with them, and likely could be the new permanent bass.

    Larry Strickland’s group, which was up ’til recently the Palmetto State Quartet, lost lead/baritone/tenor singer Paul Lancaster (who, by the way, would be an awesome lead singer for the Perrys or the Inspirations). This has been kept quiet; I only found out thanks to Facebook, and there’s been no indication of a replacement being announced. Perhaps Mike Allen will be moved up to baritone (or he and Strickland will alternate between baritone and bass) and the group will become a quartet again.

    • Follow-up to that post: Here’s what I’d like to see, not that I think it will actually happen, or am predicting with the various groups looking for singers:

      Dixie Echoes will likely hire someone we’ve never heard of, but I like Mark Cates’s fill-in work with them.
      I’m almost sure that we will never have heard of Ed’s hire for Dixie Melody Boys lead when he’s announced.
      Paul Lancaster would be excellent as the Inspirations lead.
      Many are saying, and I will join them in this, that David Ragan would be a great fit with the Perrys.
      Tyler Vestal sounded good with Beyond the Ashes when he filled in.
      Freedom will also likely hire an unknown.

    • Palmetto State has had another guy filling Paul Lancaster’s spot, but I haven’t seen a name yet, nor if he’s an official member.

  5. Ah, I thought that face was familiar on Gaither’s 2001 video Passin’ The Faith Along. The Dixie Melody Boys sang one song on that video, The Family Bible, and I tried to convince my brother that the blonde guy is Devin, but after a close look, pausing the picture for a few seconds, I ended up being convinced it wasn’t him. So it was him after all.

    • Yep.