Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases: June 2013

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon, Sonlite, Vine, Gaither Music Group, Stow Town, New Haven, Difference Media, Song Garden, Mansion, and major independent group releases where known.

June 2013

  • 6/4: Show Me Your Way, Canton Junction (Difference Media / EMI CMG)
  • 6/4: Live at Cornerstone DVD, Canton Junction (Difference Media / EMI CMG)
  • 6/18: He’s Alive, Barry Rowland & Deliverance (Crossroads)
  • 6/18: A Song Everyday, The McKameys (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 6/18: Front Row Live, Kingsmen (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 6/18: Duck Hunter’s Bluegrass Gospel (Daywind)
  • 6/25: Surrender, Adam Crabb (Daywind)

July 2013

  • 7/16: These Truths, Old Paths (Crossroads)
  • 7/16: No Two Ways About It, Inspirations (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 7/16: Hit Replay Again, Tribute Quartet (Sonlite/Crossroads)
  • 7/23: Here Comes Sunday, Wilburn & Wilburn (Daywind)
  • 7/23: Old Soul, Wayne Haun (Stow Town / Provident) (This is an album of love songs, so it’s not technically a Southern Gospel release. But it is newsworthy enough and of enough interest to include here.)

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among major independent releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great stuff coming from Crossroads over the next couple of months. What about the new Kingsmen project? Isn’t that released on 6/18 also?

    You’ve got W&W’s project twice…don’t know if that’s a typo, or just a product of confusing info from Daywind.

    Definitely intrigued by “Duck Hunter’s Bluegrass Gospel”…lol.

    • Great catches on all counts. W&W got delayed; the later date is correct. Thanks!

  2. also Adam Crabb- Surrender is listed twice

    6/4 and 6/25

    • Good catch. It got delayed; the second date is correct.

  3. Will the Kingsmen live recording be new songs?

    • No; it’s audio from last NQC of the current lineup doing a mixture of Kingsmen standards and songs from their last couple of albums.

      • That’s good to know !

  4. Is this type of post a regular monthly list, or randomly done when several groups are releasing new projects?
    I ask, because I need a list to help me remember which new projects I will be looking for at NQC. I have found
    this year at least 4 artists which I have duplicates of the same CD, so hopefully I’ll find a way to remember what I
    already have. I use a computer program to catalog my CDs, but don’t always get them all entered. Thanks, Daniel,
    your columns are alway enjoyed !

  5. I’m kind of looking forward to the Wayne Haun release. Will be neat to see such a good producer put his own methods and touch to use on his own project.

  6. just curious when a new Gold City cd of any kind is coming out?

    • Probably about four months after whenever they make tracks and three months after they finish vocals! 🙂

      More seriously: I haven’t heard any word of one yet.

      • The last project I heard Gold City was working on was their 1980s “Classics”-style recording. It was originally planned for release at NQC last year. Jerry had surgery leading up to NQC and Danny had surgery not long after NQC. This year, Dan Keeton left. I’ve not heard an update on the recording.

  7. Does anyone know if the Inspirations project will have David’s vocals? Or will they replace them with Stephen’s voice?

    • Stephen will be on the new project. In the interview I posted the other day, I mentioned meeting him; it was on the day he was in the studio, recording his vocals. His voice sounds enough like David’s, by the way, that I imagine people (including any reviewers who don’t notice this comment) will be asking why David’s vocals were left on the project!

  8. Any updates for August yet? Love what u do here

    • Timothy, I do this post once per month, so I hope to post another update come next week.