Past the Press Release: An Interview with Aaron Dishman


Aaron Dishman

Past the Press Release is an interview series featuring a new member of a professional Southern Gospel group. It’s a chance to look past the standard “excited to be here” press release comment and learn a little more about them. A little over a week ago, the Dixie Melody Boys announced Aaron Dishman as their new baritone/pianist. Let’s get to know him a little better!

Daniel: What prompted your love for Southern Gospel? Did you grow up around it, or is it a more recent discovery?

Aaron: I grew up around Gospel Music. When I was 12 years old my family took a trip Dollywood. A family friend wanted to go in and hear the Kingdom Heirs and I didn’t want to go. All I wanted to do was ride rides and have fun. I’m glad I went in with them. I heard Arthur Rice sing and I have loved Southern Gospel ever since.

Daniel: Have you performed with any groups prior to joining the Dixie Melody Boys?

Aaron: At 18 I played piano for the Disciples Quartet. For over four years I have sang in a group called Freedom Road with my wife Erica.

Daniel: Do you think of yourself as a baritone who can play piano or a pianist who can sing baritone?

Aaron: I guess if I had to classify myself I would say I’m a baritone who also plays piano.

Daniel: I understand you’ve filled in for the Dixie Melody Boys before. How long ago was that, and who was with the group at the time?

Aaron: I went with the Dixie Melody boys for a weekend about 5 years ago and the group consisted of Andrew King, Bryan Walker Dan Keeton and Ed O’Neal. I really enjoyed getting to know the guys. Little did I know that filling in that weekend would lead to a job with the group years later.

Daniel: Whether as a performer or as an audience member, what have been your all-time favorite Southern Gospel moments that you have experienced?

Aaron: My first Gaither Concert in Thompson Boiling Arena in Knoxville, TN and being at NQC the first night Triumphant Quartet sang on main stage.

Daniel: Thank you!

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  1. Congratulations Aaron! Wish you all the best

  2. So thankful for God’s blessings. I am so happy for Aaron. Some of my fondest memories of Southern Gospel Music were driving down the road with Aaron singing. God has blessed him with such a wonderful talent as a means of spreading the Gospel. I know Aaron will do a good job. We all here in the shop are so proud of you.

  3. Like these interviews!
    Keep them coming!
    Looks like Aaron paid his dues by working at it by singing anywhere and everywhere.