CD Review: These Truths (Old Paths)


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These Truths is one of the ten strongest Southern Gospel releases this year. There’s a pretty good chance it’s even top five.

Often, when I say that of a project, it is because a project is filled with truly great songs. These Truths is not without good songs, and one (“Long Live the King”) that is the strongest anthem they’ve ever recorded, but the vocal performances are what makes this album stand out. This is the strongest collection of vocal performances in the Old Paths’ career.

Few quartets have vocal talent this strong at every position. Founding members Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark anchor the quartet’s sound at lead and baritone. Roark shines on “If It Were Not For Grace.” Rackley’s performance of “Long Live the King” seals its spot as the single strongest track the Old Paths have ever released. 

With a jaw-dropping performance on “God Said I Love You,” tenor Jeremy Peace proves that he hasn’t lost a note since his Kingsmen years. But then turns around and offers a tender interpretation of “Isn’t That Why He Came.”

Meanwhile, newest member Daniel Ashmore, on his second album with the group, continues to impress. Ashmore is the finest young bass-singing talent to arrive in our genre since Pat Barker’s debut several years back. Their personalities, on and off the stage, couldn’t be more different—Ashmore is the gentle giant to Barker’s life of the party persona—but their talent level is similar. Ashmore probably has the most resonant, open lower bass tones that this genre has seen since Big John Hall’s days with the Blackwood Brothers.

The Old Paths’ previous album, their major-league debut Right Now, was a breakout album for the ensemble, scoring them two #1 hits. Forget any talk of a sophomore slump; These Truths is head-and-shoulders above its predecessor.

Traditional or Progressive: Traditional to Middle-of-the-road.

Group Members: Jeremy Peace (tenor), Tim Rackley (lead), Douglas Roark (baritone), Daniel Ashmore (bass).

Credits: Produced by Danny Crawford. Engineers: Van Atkins, Jeremy Peace. Mixed and mastered by Van Atkins. Musicians: Danny Crawford (piano, keyboards, orchestrations), Tony Creasman (drums, percussion), Jeremy Medkiff (bass guitar, electric guitar), David Johnson (acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, resonator guitar, harmonica, steel guitar, banjo). Review copy provided.

Song List (songwriters in parentheses): We Are Those Children (Jeff Gibson); Isn’t That Why He Came (Karen Gillespie, Rachel McCutcheon); Enough and Then Some (Christie Capps); We Hold These Truths (Steve Marshall, Phil Mehrens); Love Them to Jesus (Rodney Birch); If It Were Not For Grace (Christopher Clayton); Passing Through (Steve Marshall, Chris Binion, John Darin Rowsey); God Said I Love You (Craig Edwards); God’s Gonna Do the Same (Ronny Hinson); Long Live the King (Dianne Wilkinson, Chris Binion).

Five-star songs: Long Live the King.

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  1. Even though I’m a big fan of Southern Gospel music, there’s a lot of songs and styles that I don’t like. Having said that I’ll say that I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song by the Old Paths that I didn’t like. I’m anxious to hear their newest release.

    • I’m confident you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  2. These guys just keep getting better n better. I love their sound and most of all I love their Spirit!! Other than the God given talents they all have their sincere hearts are easily seen when they are uo singing on any stage. They keep that up then they’ll be no stopping them. I knew from the first time I heard them live down in Augusta GA that these men are the real deal.

  3. Can I not have one post without a typo?!?! Thats supposed to be up on stage not uo. I hate this iPhone just for that reason. Lol

  4. This is one of the very few albums for which, overall, I like the slower songs better than the faster songs. My favorites are the two Peace-led ballads. I got a little more to say, but I’ll save it up. 🙂

    • And that’s good for The Old Paths, because fast songs have generally been their calling point on previous albums. They were due for some strong slow songs, and this album delivers.

  5. Awesome!! I know Daniel personally and he is the real deal! And man, can that dude sing?! I am trying to get him to give me some pointers. LOL!

  6. I agree that “Long Live The King” is the best song on the CD, but “Isn’t That Why He Came” is my favorite song.

  7. This group is fantastic. I’ve said it once and I will say it again… They remind me of Gold City the way they came on the scene back in the early 80’s. Great sound and killer songs. With that said I think its ironic that their two number one hits have been written by Sandy Knight’s son in law.

  8. I have loved the Old Paths since I first heard “He Didn’t Have The Heart” on XM radio probably about 7 years ago. I ordered every CD they had back then, and I think I have purchased everything they have released since.

    “These Truths” is another great recording by this quartet! I would stop short of saying this album is better than last year’s “Right Now”, but that is only because they are both so strong that I simply can’t chose one over the other. My 5 star songs on this new CD are “Long Live the King”, “Passing Through” and the remake of the Heaven Bound classic “We are Those Children”. However, every song is solid so it is hard to pick favorites.

    I thought “God Said I Love You” was going to get 5 stars as well, but I deducted a star for the extremely high note Jeremy Peace hits toward the end. I know some people love those tenor notes, but I am not a fan of it personally. I also really like Daniel’s two features on this album. I think he is already one of the top 10 bass singers in southern gospel, and he is only going to get better! He is from same area in north Mississippi that I am from, and he is a super nice young man.

    Overall, I am really excited about this album and about Old Paths in general. They have certainly placed themselves among my top 10 quartets.

    • I, for one, am with you on “the note”. I found it a little distracting from the beautiful message of the song. It’s just one note, not a “song killer,” but I could have done without it.

      • On the flip side, I love high tenor singing and love “the note.” 🙂

      • I’m with Daniel. I liked “the note.” And after seeing it in quotes so many times, are we going to turn “the Note” into Jeremy’s nickname? LOL

      • Now that I think of it, it’s more like a few notes in succession…one phrase.

  9. I looked forward to your review – I look more so to getting the CD- what a joy to hear that the ‘over’ emphasized Sophomore slump was not founded. I so enjoy Jeremy Peace – wonderful for them all.

  10. I love the new CD also, God Said I Love You is one of my favorites on it. They just really Bless my Heart. I don’t know where I’ve been but I just can’t stay away when I know they are near I have to go and see them. They just really Bless my Heart. I pray for them as they travel and sing for the Lord.