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  1. David sounds great with the group. Would love to see a video with Libbi singing with David and Biran. When she gets back on the road a little more they will sound more like The Perrys, after all Brian is the only one in the video that was with The Perrys when Tracy became ill. I’m glad that they are carrying on the tradition and music of The Perrys.

  2. Sounds awesome!! Proud to see these three honoring the legacy and pressing on! May God protect them and guide them on their journey!

  3. I’m sorry to even ask this, but who is the woman?

    David still sounds great. They need to just hire him (or perhaps announce that this isn’t just a “fill-in”).

    • The young lady filling in at alto is Leah Page.

      David is sounding great with them!

      • She’s very good as well.

  4. Sounds great! I have been looking forward to these videos. I noticed on “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now” that Brian took Joseph’s part on the verses…IMHO the best thing to do would be to move him up to lead and make David baritone. Brian has more of a classic Perrys sound. Then again, David may surprise me. I’m so used to hearing him with the Inspirations, I really don’t know what vocal tricks he might have up his sleeve!

    • If I’m not mistaken, David actually sang baritone with his brothers before joining the Inspirations.

  5. I agree with JoshT. To keep that lead sound that the Perry’s had with Joseph and Loren, I think brian could do a great job at that. I liked the sound that they had together (David is a great singer), but I missed the little vocal movements and soul Joseph put in it. I realize one can’t expect david to be joseph or anyone else for that matter. All three of them are great singers, and I hope once things settle down that David and Leah all find a good high profile place to use their talents. Leah is very impressive, in my opinion.

    While i’m not sure if this is the answer to the Perrys sound, if they go with part of this line up, they have some great talent to mold a new sound.

  6. Hi y’all. Always cool to see my vids floating around. I intended to do a full review and shoot the whole thing but I got lazy lol. Bryan, Leah, and David all did a tremendous job. I wish my camera would have been working right to catch Bryan singing, and rocking I might add “If You Knew Him” it seemed like the whole night Bryan and David would switch off. Leah Page is terrific. She’s not Libbi, but that’s not bad, its a lighter vocal sound and I like her interpretations of the songs and she’s got spastic theatre kid energy (like me) which makes things kinda fun. It was an awesome concert in all.

  7. I just have to say that this is a really good sound with three singers that complement each other and blend. Leah is a wonderful singer and connects while she sings, Bryan can sing either part well and that is a true mark of a singer, David (haven’t really heard him before) but I really like his voice and his melody true style. Vocal-movement just for the sake of movement isn’t the best thing for group singing (blend) and David seems to know when to and when not to do that. (Hard to really say that from one video but still … )

    I also say along with Brandon Tiek’s comment, “honoring the legacy and pressing on!” … God Bless their ministry! After-all is sung, it is the message of the Gospel that is important.

  8. Joseph had a tendency to oversing some songs. Great to hear David with them.

  9. Libbi…should be very, very proud of the group that is out there filling in for her and Tracy. The Spirit that night in Kearney MO. was so thick you could cut it with a knife!.. David, Leah, and Bryan were of one heart and mind. Everyone came with some degree of apprehension on how this “scrap iron” trio was going to work. It was fantastic!!!! The crowd sensed they all three were giving it 200 percent. It was wonderful!! While we are sorry to see Joseph leave, we understand change…but, let me tell you, you could not find a better replacement for Joesph than David. He hit every que, pitch, and inflection just right. Leah out did her self, what a stage presence (for a 19 year old) and the crowd was so responsive!!!!

    I heard remark after remark…that it was one of the best concerts anyone had been to in a long, long time.

    For those doubting Thomas’s that hesitated to come out for a “scrap iron” trio, they missed the show of a life time.
    Did I mention ? The sprit was so thick all night long, everyone had tears of joy from start to finish…the crowd, Leah, David, and Bryan, and, even Jeremy Pope the promoter….my eyes were still burning and hour after the show was over!

    God Blessed the Perry’s!!!

    • Wow – I am so glad to hear it! Who was emceeing?

      • Bryan was the MC

      • Thanks!

    • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post! We planned to attend but I couldn’t get away from the office in time to make the 3+ hr. trip to make it on time. We would have driven back the same night, and gone to work again the next day. We love the Perrys, drive all over to hear them, and have followed and prayed about the situation w/ Tracey since 1/26. So blessed to hear this 1st hand account of how God is blessing the Perrys!

  10. Wow! We wish they would come to Ohio soon, so we could hear them. Or maybe David could stay longer than filling in! 🙂 They sound great!

  11. What a great sound! David is right on time. With his voice he will have no problems finding a home be it with the Perrys or someone else. Same goes for Leah. Nice job folks!

  12. Perrys were at my church on Sunday night and I got a few videos including David Ragan doing the Perry classic “Calvary Answers For Me”


    look for a few others too


    • Wow! That’s my all-time favorite Perrys song! Thanks for posting the link!

      • Your welcome. After that song I don’t know why Libbi is doing auditions IF David wants the job!

      • Agreed. That was a home run.

        But as he has a newborn son, I could certainly understand it if he didn’t want to be on the road with as many dates as the Perrys work.

  13. Finally! I found Bryan Walker doing “If You Knew Him!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO4kblHxqag