CD/DVD Review: NQC Live Vol. 8

Rating: 5 Stars (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 4.1 Stars (of 5)

Song List: That’s What I’m Talking About (Gold City); Winds of the World (Talley Trio); You Would Think He Would Learn (Dove Brothers); I’ve Been Changed (Legacy Five); Hey (Karen Peck & New River); Statue of Liberty (Ivan Parker); It Means Just What it Says (Greater Vision); He Never Sleeps (Mark Bishop); The One That I Love (Booth Brothers); I Rest My Case (Perrys); Ready to Leave (Hoppers); God Rides on Wings of Love (Janet Paschal); What We Needed (Kingdom Heirs); Miracle in Me (Greenes); When God Ran (Kingsmen); Pray Daniel Pray (Brian Free and Assurance). DVD Bonus Songs: Little is Much (Greater Vision), You Raise Me Up (Roy Webb).

Available from: NQC Office.

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NQC 2008 features footage from the 2008 National Quartet Convention, which took place from September 8-13 in Louisville, Kentucky. Previous years were filmed by INSP; this year was filmed by the Gospel Music Channel. The camera quality was as good or better than previous years. The editing was also well done; there are very few awkward shots. (One of the few is on “Little is Much,” when the camera operator evidently didn’t get the memo about how far Kitson leans forward when going for the high note at the end. But such moments are few and far between.)

Unlike in previous years, where the DVD and CD were packaged separately, this year they are packaged together in a cardboard CD-sized case.

Song selection is excellent. The Crossroads and NQC staffs did an excellent job selecting nearly all the most memorable moments. One moment I missed seeing in person (but heard about here) was the Greenes’ performance of “Miracle in Me” at Phil Cross’s songwriters showcase. Cross introduced the song by interviewing a lady who told how the song led her to choose against aborting her son. It was a very powerful moment. It is included as a bonus track on the DVD since the setting is at a showcase instead of the evening mainstage concerts. But the song is included on the CD.

As with every NQC compilation, there will be a couple of top artists there just wasn’t room to include. Other than the Gaither Vocal Band and Signature Sound, this year’s two most notable omissions were the Inspirations and Triumphant Quartet. The Inspirations probably weren’t included because lead singer Matt Dibler left the group just days before convention, and though the group was able to put four men on stage, they ended up with two tenors and no lead singer. There’s no obvious reason why Triumphant didn’t make the cut. But whatever it was, it’s not label favoritism: There are equal numbers of Crossroads and Daywind artists (six each), plus one artist each from New Haven, Canaan, and Vine appearing on the main program.

This is the best NQC Live compilation since Vol. 4 (2004), which set the standard for what could be achieved. Not only is this year’s entry one of the best in the NQC Live series, but also it’s one of the most enjoyable videos released this year.

Trivia: Though I’ve yet to confirm it with my own eyes, word has it yours truly can be briefly seen on “I Rest My Case at the Cross.” I had (on invitation) come down to the front for a couple of minutes.

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  1. Where is Matt Dibler?? Why did he leave the Inspirations?

  2. Matt’s currently off the road. He left for personal reasons, which I’d rather we not get into here.

  3. By “down to the front” do you mean the artists’ area? If so, that had to be a cool experience.

  4. Yeah, it was!

  5. Glad you got to do that. When I make the main stage, I’ll be sure to invite you down.

    Uh, I wouldn’t reccomend holding your breath or anything! LOL