Saturday News Roundup #175


Worth Knowing

  • Congratulations are in order to Collingsworth Family lead singer Phillip Collingsworth Jr., who got engaged last night to Sharlenae Dotson. UPDATE, 8 PM: The wedding is scheduled in one year, for June 2014.
  • Previous Dixie Echoes tenor Craig Thomas was in a car accident Thursday morning and suffered a severe concussion.
  • Tracy Stuffle Stroke Recovery Update: Earlier this week, his white cell blood count indicated an infection. The immediate concern was that it may be a brain or shunt infection. After that was ruled out, a CT scan showed that there was either an infection or a mass at the top of his stomach. A colonscopy was held Thursday; it was determined that the masses were only minor polyps, which the doctors were able to remove.
  • UPDATE, 6/9/13: Libbi Perry Stuffle posts: “Tracy has been put back in ICU from complications of colonoscopy. He has been passing blood for the past 48 hrs. The GI Dr is gonna be doing another colonoscopy in his ICU room within the next hour to see what the problem is and to see if it’s fixable. He’s lost a fair amount of blood, but is not needing blood at this moment. Of course Tracy’s blood pressure is high and it really needs to come down. I will update as soon as I know something! Still trusting God that He’s working all things for our good!!! NOT giving up nor giving in!!!”
  • UPDATE, 6/10/13: Libbi posted: “Ok here’s the verdict…..hemorrhoids! CRAZY I know, but that’s what the GI doctor told me. I couldn’t believe it!! I didn’t know they could bleed that much with clots. He hasn’t bled since 5pm and if he doesn’t by tomorrow they will move him to a reg room. They also have him on cardene drip for his blood pressure. His heart rate is elevated also. So much excitement for him!! Please pray for all of this to return to normal the way God intended it to be!!! You know I am gonna have to use more hair color to cover all the grey that I have archived from the past 4 and half months! But, once we get past these hurdles it will be worth it!”
  • UPDATE, 6/11/13: Libbi posted: “Tracy was moved to a regular room last night about 8pm. He’s done well with not having any bleeding other than some old blood. I woke up at 3:30am this morning to the sounds of him struggling to breathe. He sounded full. I suctioned him really good and got him calmed back down. His heart rate went down also after that. They came in and did a chest X-ray and he has pneumonia in the upper left lobe of his left lung. So now with already having it in the lower part of both lungs now this. So they started him on another antibiotic. He had the pneumonia vaccine shot last week, but not sure it’s helping. Please pray for him. His body is just worn out from all of the stuff it’s went thru.”
  • UPDATE, 6/12/13: Libbi posted: “What a difference a day makes! Tracy had a mucus plug yesterday while I was gone to auditions. My mother in love called me and said his oxygen stat fell to the 40s. 5 or 6 people were working on him trying to get his stat back up. About the same time we had about 30 something people who decided before the auditions started that they wanted to pray for Tracy. So JK and I stood in for him and you talk about praying!!!! It was on!!!! Little did we know what was happening back at the hospital! The respiratory therapist finally got him cleared out and settled back down. Since then he’s done good! He had a pretty restful night and been resting good this morning. I think they’ve finally got his blood pressure Meds where they need to be because his blood pressure has been incredible the past 24 hrs. Heart rate has been sooo much better! Dr said if all his blood work comes back in the morning good, he may get to head back to rehab tomorrow. Dr he’s had this week has been really good and on top of everything.”

Worth Watching

Lee Black, writer of countless recent Southern Gospel hits, posted this video of his rendition of a new song he co-wrote:

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  1. In light of the unfortunate situation with Tracy Stuffle and noting that both he and his wife are employed by the same employer, self, I have to wonder how many Southern Gospel artists actually have adequate health insurance for tragic times such as these. I wonder how many fans actually appreciate this expense that many artists incur when they are throwing $3 in the plate? Forget about rent/mortgage, fuel and other travel expenses. Proper health insurance from my employer kept me out of bankruptcy during a recent cancer bout. Love offerings, benefit concerts, t-shirt sales can only go so far when something this big hits the family. Kudos to those who offer to sponsor them, but the larger issue is health insurance in the first place! I sure pray they have some decent coverage.

    • Even if he had health insurance, health insurance to cover medical doesn’t exactly cover the cost of lost business from the group of losing its emcee/bass singer for several months and – at the same time – losing its longest-running and most awarded member.

      • You hit the nail on the head there. Business continuity insurance I’m sure is one of the things artists would drop first when times such as the economy the past few years comes along.

      • I know about (and have) medical insurance, but I didn’t even know business continuity insurance existed!

  2. Just saw on Perrys facebook page that they r holding an open audition on Tuesday for a lead singer. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before in Southern Gospel. Is this common?

    • I believe it’s fairly common to audition different singers before or after concerts, as you tour in their state or a bordering one. However, with the person who will be making the judgment call (in this case, I assume it’s Libbi) not at many of the dates, they pretty much have to have interested auditioners come to her rather than the other way around.

      • Matt Holt will be there helping out as well.

  3. I guess that makes sense, just seems like most groups listen to audition tapes and then audition the best ones. A 3 hr open audition for lead singer in the arguably most popular mixed group in Southern Gospel seems like it could be chaotic.

  4. This was really good and really funny:

    • I saw it a few weeks ago but it was still funny the second time. I like when they all try to read from Taranda’s phone.

  5. I guess this is becoming a standard question when one of the Collingsworth kids gets married.

    Does Phil’s fiancé sing, if so will she join the group singing?

    • I don’t know if she sings. I doubt she would join the group vocally; they’re so tight right now with family harmonies and a decade plus of practice that any vocal additions would be likely to make the blend less tight.

  6. The Dixie Melody Boys just hired Austin Foster as their lead singer.

  7. Well this has nothing to do with any of these topics but I wanted to slide this in because of all the Christian people who read this blog. I have a prayer request and that is for my Mom. She is going to have 4 bypass heart surgery on Monday at 10:00 AM. She has had 4 previous surgeries over the last few years and 3 of them were heart operations. This is gonna be a very complicated deal according to the surgeon but I know with all of you that will pray for her that GOD will take care of her. She wasn’t really supposed to make it out from that last one she had but the LORD had other plans for her. I appreciate each and everyone of you. My Mom reads this blog and always gets a kick out of the comments when Daniel post something about Live Music vs tracks. She loves all the back n forth comments and actually I find it amusing myself. Anyway thank you all for the time to read this.

    Love In Christ,

    Joe Lane

  8. To springboard off of something Daniel said in another section, is the Memphis Quartet Show the most anticipated event of 2013? Also, will this be a new trend, to have groups debut new members at MQS?

    • I think it will take more than one year to really get a good feel for whether it is a trend.

  9. Joe, Will be praying that all goes well with your mother’s surgery.

  10. Some SGM fans might find this joke by Jay Leno funny or not:

    In Pakistan, the Taliban’s No.. 2 man has been killed by an American drone. In a related story, today the Taliban’s No. 3 man said he’s stepping down to spend more time with his family.

    • Saw that too. Pretty funny.

  11. The Surgeon came out and said he was really happy that everything went well as it did. He says she was really strong for 73 yrs old. Says we can see her in an hour. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it from everyone.


    • Will continue prayers Joe, our pastor had that same surgery right after Christmas and it took a few months to get back to preaching so we still need to and will keep your mom and family in our prayers.

  12. Does anybody know where I can purchase the soundtrack to “Now I’m On My Way To Heaven”? Would this have to have been a direct pruchase from Cross 4 Crowns when they were together? Did I “miss the boat”?