Dixie Melody Boys hire Austin Foster

AUSTINThis afternoon, the Dixie Melody Boys announced that their new lead singer is Austin Foster. He is an eighteen-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, son of Southern Gospel DJ and promoter Ron Foster.

Group manager Ed O’Neal said: “I met a young man at NQC last year and he stuck in my mind. We invited him in last week to audition. His voice was powerful and anointed but his personality instantly fit right in. After the last man left, we talked and decided to offer him the job. … We are excited to have Austin with us. I know the fans will love him. He is true Southern Gospel and a great young man. His ability to sing the great songs of the past as well as the newer songs we do makes him a unique talent.”

Tenor and publicist Matt Felts added that there were over 300 applicants. “We listened to each demo and prayed that God would send us the right fit for where the group is headed. There were so many great singers, many already established names in Gospel music so it was hard to narrow them down. Each one brought something completely different and special to the table. We took a different approach than usual and had the men spend the day with us and all go to lunch together. It was a great way to get to know them more.”

Foster said, “I am super excited to sing with the Dixie Melody Boys. I have been listening to these guys all my life. It is an honor to share the stage with them.”

The Dixie Melody Boys will head into the studio this month to add the vocals of new members Foster and baritone Aaron Dishman to their upcoming release.

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  1. Yay! Sounds like a great hire. So happy for them. I know it must be a load off of Dixie Melody Boys minds, exciting too!

  2. Austin and his dad came to our church .Abundant grace community church in chelsea alabama and was grate.I know yall will be very happy God has blesed hem with a grate voice.come see us at abundant grace

  3. I remember hearing Austin sing with his dad a few years ago when he opened some concerts that I went to in Alabama. He’s grown a lot since then!!! I’m glad the DMB made the hire so that he can be at the Memphis Quartet Show next week! I look forward to hearing this new line-up.

    • This is only semi-related, but I’ll declare it on topic for the time being: This is the third or fourth hire whose first date or first major date will be the Memphis Quartet Show. I wonder if, at least for this year, Memphis Quartet Show season is the new NQC season for quartet changes!

  4. Austin Foster sang on Thursday morning of the 2012 NQC for the “Southern Gospel Promoters Association Showcase.” As a concert promoter, I was in the audience, and was extremely impressed with the maturity of Austin’s voice [He was only 17 yrs. old.] , blessed by his testimony, and drawn to his pleasing personality. That afternoon, while visiting with Austin, I told him that I would be watching for him, because it wouldn’t be long before a major Southern Gospel group grabbed him. Austin, I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations! God is continuing to bless your ministry…now with The Dixie Melody Boys!!!

  5. Wished that there were so much younger people in SG. As that is so good. Good for Austin and Good Luck to him and his future!

  6. As someone acquainted with Austin since his family is from the area I live in and has heared him sing a few times, I am extremely impressed with him. He sang at the City of Columbiana’s Liberty Day festival and to quite a crowd of appreciative people. He is a respectful, humble and mature young man for his age and he will be an asset to the Dixie Melody Boys. He will be missed locally but everyone who knows him knows that his desire is to serve God and he will definitely be used by Him! Good luck to you Austin!

  7. Well, THAT didn’t last long!
    The Dixie Melody Boys posted this on Facebook Tuesday…”We are excited to be at the Memphis Quartet Show tomorrow night. You won’t want to miss it. Josh Garner will appearing with us singing lead. We recently made a change in lead singers. A lot goes into that decision and sometimes it ends up not being the right fit. We have begun looking for a new lead singer. We appreciate Austin and his hard work the last week.”

  8. I’ve been curious about this for a while now…does anyone have any footage of Austin with them? If so I’d love to see it.

    • For a brief window of time, there were two videos on Youtube, but neither featured Austin and they were taken down soon after being uploaded. They may be up again, but I haven’t checked.