Has the Rick Hendrix Company disappeared?

The Rick Hendrix Company had a successful and sometimes controversial run in Southern Gospel radio promotion; see, for example, our stories here, here, and here. But, along the way, they promoted countless chart-topping hits, with multiple #1s. Last night, I noticed that they haven’t had a song appearing in the Singing News Top 80 charts since January 2012.

Granted, it has been a year and a half, so it’s hardly a news item. But I haven’t noticed anyone else mention it, and a chapter this colorful in Southern Gospel history ought not pass into the history books completely unmentioned.

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  1. Always a fun person to talk to. I think that lately he has been involved in politics, TV, etc… Per his facebook page there is very little he is not involved in…

    • “Per his facebook page there is very little he is not involved in…”

      That is an apt and accurate observation. 🙂

  2. Off-topic, I officially sent in an audition demo to the Dixie Echoes bass position. I don’t expect to get hired, but I can now say I tried.

  3. Maybe, it is a case of evolving priorities for Dr. Hendrix like his “power” company or spreading yourself too thin!
    Nothing wrong with that if you can managed everything.
    This company looks interesting to me: