enLighten to air Memphis Quartet Show live

SiriusXM’s Southern Gospel channel, enLighten, will be broadcasting live from this weekend’s Memphis Quartet Show. Starting nightly at or shortly before 7 Eastern Time, they will air 20 of the 22 headliner acts’ sets live. enLighten can be found on Sirius XM Channel 65, Dish TV Channel 6065 and via the SiriusXM App.

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  1. Any idea which two acts won’t be broadcasted live?

    • No, I really don’t. If the Gaither Vocal Band was appearing, that would be an obvious pick, but I don’t see them there. So I have no idea.

  2. Can the show be livestreamed?

    • Sorry that was unclear, what I meant was, is there somewhere online people without a subscription can just go and find the audio stream?

      • As far as I know, no.

      • Oh, okay. 🙁

  3. If I was guessing I would guess Ernie & Signature Sound and The Booth Brothers quartet. They are both scheduled as a matinee performances. They are not on the evening schedule. I think they have 20 quartets scheduled during the evening performances and these two would make the 22 performers.

    • EH&SS’s will be aired, though not live. I understand that two will not be aired at all.

  4. Well, the first night was wonderful!