Booth Brothers to release Quartet CD

This afternoon, in a 1PM matinee performance at the Memphis Quartet Show, the Booth Brothers will make a highly-anticipated appearance as a quartet with Gene McDonald on bass. In conjunction with this appearance, they will be releasing a CD with McDonald on bass. The CD will feature classic quartet songs—mostly well known, along with a rare and mostly forgotten Mosie Lister song. A title, song list, and other information on the release will be announced soon.

UPDATE, 6/28/13: Via a Facebook friend (hat tip, Brent): Title: The Booth Brothers With Gene McDonald & Nick Bruno…. Quartet Style. Song list: His Hand In Mine, Roll On Jordan, The Lovely Name Of Jesus, His Name Is Wonderful, I Am The Man, Good Ole Gospel Singing, Dear Jesus Abide With Me, I Want To Know, While Ages Roll and Sweetest Song I Know.

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  1. Very neat….can’t wait to hear it. Really enjoyed it when Greater Vision did their Quartet CD.

    • I still think Greater Vision’s Quartet CD is either the finest they ever released or certainly one of their top three. Their CD was a full-production mainline project of new songs; the Booth Brothers’ CD is a classics CD. So it’s not quite apples to apples. But I imagine that this will end up as one of my favorite Booth Brothers CDs anyhow! 🙂

      • I agree that it was one of GV’s finest recordings, ever.

        I think The Booth Brothers picked the right Bass to help them with the project. Their smooth sound wouldn’t mesh with just any Bass singer, but Gene will know how to blend with them.

      • I don’t think we can classify Greater Visions Quartets cd as a project of news songs. At least three of them were covers, of sorts, as they sang with JD, George, and Brock. He Loves Me was also a cover. The Longer I Serve Him was by no means new. Rocked By the Deep is an old song. Crown of Bright Glory is not new, though I’m not sure how old it is. It was previously recorded by Squire, if not others.

        There are other songs on that cd that I am pretty sure are not new. Seems to me that most of them were NOT new. As noted above at least seven of them were not…

      • Add another one: He Called Me Out , Rex Nelon. We’re up to eight old ones.

      • Of the 15 songs, 5 were Rodney Griffin originals: He Is to Me, We Seek Your Face, I Didn’t Know, He’s My Savior, and Just Ask. Of those, We Seek Your Face was previously recorded by the Kingdom Heirs, but the others were new, as far as I can tell.

        Two Dianne Wilkinson songs are there: When He Washed My Sins Away I don’t think was new, but I think God’s Grace Reaches Farther was.

        The others are definite covers, and are the eight mentioned above.

      • But to Daniel’s overall point, thought it wasn’t a project “full” of new songs, it did have several outstanding new songs on it, which puts it on perhaps a different level from a project of classics.

      • Brian understands where I was going with this, it functioned as a mainline, with radio singles of new songs and all that, even though it included some covers.

  2. Daniel I agree that CD by Greater Vision was awesome . Every song was great.

  3. With this great role of awards they’ve won, both group and individually, I always used to say that they only didn’t win a Favorite Quartet award because they’re a trio. But what happens now? hahahahaha! Good choice, I think it’ll be a great album.

  4. Will this just be a table project or will it be available in stores or online?

    • Just a guess: Probably table/online. I’ve not heard anything from their label (Daywind) about it being a retail release.

  5. I heard Gene McDonald sing in April when he was in Lancaster PA with the Gaither Vocal Band. It was the first time I had the opportunity to hear him sing, and needless to say, I was quite impressed. I’ve seen the Booth Brothers several times, so this project should be amazing. Wish I could have been in Memphis to hear the announcement “live”, but I am planning to go next year if the Memphis Quartet Show is held again.

    • June 18-21, 2014

      According to their page on Facebook which states, “WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAME SEATS FOR THE 2014 MEMPHIS QUARTET SHOW? Come to the registration booth beginning at 3:30 pm tomorrow (NOTE: Friday), June 21, 2013 and we will be glad to accept your payment for those seats for 2014. No need to rush the table! Your seats will be available for you through June 30, 2013.”

  6. Sounds like a cool deal. Didn’t Gene sing with GV on the Hymns of the 1900s (title?) cd?

  7. I’m so excited about this! I really like the Booth Brothers as they are now, but being a quartet only makes them better. I loved GV’s quartet CD, too.

  8. Comment Still thing Greater Vision will stand on top. The used different bass singers throughou their project. My understanding is that Gene McDonald is doing all the bass with the Booth Bros CD. Noticed Bill Bailey is already marketing the Booth Brothers Quartet (McDonald) on bass at his Winter Convention.

  9. So where are you this week, Daniel? Haven’t seen you in Memphis.

    • At home, trying both to conserve money and to stick to a very strict diet/exercise plan this year.

      • Daniel, with the Memphis Barbecue on every corner, and the smell of it cooking everywhere, you made the right choice. I hope that by this time next year you will have been successful on your diet and exercise plan so you will be able to go to Memphis and enjoy the music and fellowship. The beautiful riverfront offers the perfect place to continue your exercise. Some research will turn up some wonderful restaurants that offer healthy choices for you and all of us that need to eat wisely. As for the money thing, I have absolutely no suggestions!!!! Other than to suggest that at only $105 for the evening concerts, it would be hard to find a better bargain. But that does not include afternoon concerts, hotel cost, and most importantly, buying the latest bargains from the product tables. I was very pleased with the prices the quartets were offering for their music. For just $20 you could take home tons of cd’s, or dvd’s. I wish I could remember the groups and their “Memphis Prices.” Maybe someone else that was there could help me out here. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you! Yes, maybe next year it will be a possibility. 🙂

  10. Man, I’m excited about this! I love the Booths and love Big Gene’s voice. This should really be a great project. I’ve been wondering when and where Gene would resurface. I can say I went to Stamps Baxter with him back in 1990. Yeah that’s right, I just name dropped.

  11. Via a Facebook friend (hat tip, Brent): Title: The Booth Brothers With Gene McDonald & Nick Bruno…. Quartet Style.

    Song list: His Hand In Mine, Roll On Jordan, The Lovely Name Of Jesus, His Name Is Wonderful, I Am The Man, Good Ole Gospel Singing, Dear Jesus Abide With Me, I Want To Know, While Ages Roll and Sweetest Song I Know

  12. Have listened to The Booth Brothers with Gene McDonald this cd is amazing-where can I purchase it, I stay in Scotland and would love to have it. Why not make a DVD of this recording