Saturday News Roundup #177

Worth Knowing

  • In case you missed it: The Perrys announced yesterday that David Ragan is their new lead singer.
  • Dominion Agency, the booking agency that represents Triumphant Quartet and The Collingsworth Family, has signed Red Roots to their roster.
  • Worth reading: Burke’s Brainwork interviews Steve Lacey.
  • Also worth reading: There was a fascinating discussion this week on the Gospel Music CSI Facebook group about singers who auditioned for the Gaither Vocal Band. Among the most intriguing names cited was Michael Tait, who auditioned for the tenor position in the mid-1980s before becoming a founding member of dc Talk. [UPDATE: See the comment section; apparently his audition may have actually been for baritone.]

Worth Watching

At this week’s Memphis Quartet Show, the moment that generated the most buzz online has certainly been the Booth Brothers’ appearance as a quartet with Gene McDonald on bass and a live band. Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch posted a video:

Also worth watching: Diana Brantley has the opening song of the Memphis Quartet Show, the Blackwood Brothers’ “How About Your Heart.”

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Lol, that discussion was begun by yours truly.

  2. I really, really like the sound with Gene MacDonald

  3. I’d actually always heard it as Tait auditioned for the baritone spot and lost out to Mark Lowry…

    • Well, I have no firsthand knowledge. That could well be! Either way, it makes for a fascinating story.

    • I heard Tait do an interview where he said he tried out for the Baritone spot when Lowry was hired. He said he took his name out of the running before Bill made a decision because DC Talk was just getting started and he wanted to see it thru.

  4. To me, the most interesting idea is Kenny Hinson potentially joining GVB when Michael English left in ’92.

    • That one really intrigued me, too.

  5. I recorded the Memphis Quartet Show on my Dish satellite subscription. I have a question for anyone else that listened to the show on enLighten. Were we hearing a live feed direct from the soundboard without any stacks or was it the same thing the crowd was hearing? I am not trying to be unkind but I heard a lot of off pitch singing over the four days of the MQS. I have been watching some youtube videos from the show and the vocals “seem” better to me on some of the songs.

  6. I did not listen to the MQS on Enlighten, however I did attend. There was no singing off key during any of the performances.