Sony’s Thoughts: Life is Short

It was timely for me when I received the latest issue of Homecoming magazine and the title was about accepting loss. In the homeschool world in which I work, we’ve lost several people unexpectedly. These are not people I’ve been overly close to but people I’ve gotten used to seeing at conventions and various events. 

As uncertain as life is, it’s true that it is appointed unto men once to die. This should inspire us to make sure each moment counts. We should take time every day to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us . In the scheme of things life is really short. This becomes more real to me every day. 

For the Christian, death is nothing to fear but it should cause us to be sober as we evaluate our lives and what we’re accomplishing for Christ’s Kingdom.


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  1. Sony, I’m the assistant editor for Homecoming Magazine, and we appreciate your mention of the latest issue! This is an important topic, to be sure, since it is something we all experience sooner or later. We can allow it to cripple us emotionally, or we can allow our loving Father to minister and teach us through it. And as you’ve said, we need to be intentional about making the moments count!