Saturday News Roundup #178

Worth Knowing

  • The Collingsworth Family recorded an upcoming DVD release, Hymns from Home, in their home on Thursday. Kim White of Viewfinders, who directed the video shoot, posted this video preview.
  • The classic Gold City lineup of Jay Parrack, Jonathan Wilburn, Mark Trammell, and Tim Riley will reunite for a featured matinee performance at next year’s Memphis Quartet Show.
  • George Amon Webster’s health has taken a turn for the worse. His son Tim Webster posted: “My dad has now found out that the cancer is not only pressing against his trachea, but it is also pressing against his carotid artery. This means that if the cancer pushes against the artery enough to tear it, that he could bleed to death. The doctors are going to do an emergency trache, and they are also giving him the strongest anti-inflammatory med available to help keep swelling to a minimum.”
  • Phil Cross has launched Phil Cross Productions, offering audio recording, graphic design, and mentoring services to rising artists.
  • Phil Cross, Mark Bishop, and Gerald Crabb are among the featured songwriters on a Song of a Lifetime mini-tour this weekend. Their Saturday night concert in McDonough, Georgia will be filmed for a future DVD release.
  • Update on Tracy Stuffle’s stroke recovery: On Wednesday, his therapists have started to test how he would breathe without a tracheostomy tube. The trial went well.
  • Worth Reading: Paul Heil’s column, Doctrinal Confusion, on the importance of Biblical literacy.

Worth Watching

Here’s a first look at the new Inspirations lineup—including new tenor Mark Clark and new lead singer Steven Srein—live at the Memphis Quartet Show:

Speaking of first looks, here’s a video of the Dixie Boys, featuring new baritone singer Aaron Dishman on their signature song “Antioch Church House Choir”:

And a third first look, this one of Mike Rogers with Brian Free and Assurance:

Finally, don’t miss a surprise guest appearance during Triumphant Quartet’s song “The Old White Flag”!

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. The Elvis video is hysterical! But it doesn’t look like Ernie Haase to me.

    • You’re right. I actually found that out before posting, but forgot to edit the draft to that effect. Thanks for the catch!

      • Speaking of edits, I think you meant breathe instead of breath. 😉 I think I know how that one happened though. 🙂

        As far as Elvis, when I heard about it I thought of Ernie first, and then Bryan Hutson. I can’t tell who it is though for sure, but Ernie it ain’t.

      • Thanks for the catch! 🙂

  2. I didn’t Ernie, but I sure saw Elvis!!! The King Lives!!! 😉

    • That’s the reason the top floor of Graceland isn’t open to the public. He still lives up there.

  3. I’d get a sore neck from the whip-lash thingy that Inman does in the end of “The Old White Flag”. It’s violent…

  4. I was there that night. The crowd loved it. Great event all the way around!! Can’t wait for the new Collingsworth project. They have quickly become my must see group. They do it the way it should be done!

  5. Mike Rogers fits well into the BFA lineup and seems will bring some freshness and excitement to their performance.

  6. I think Elvis has a strong resemblance to the artist who recorded the King project Ronnie Booth

  7. I’m so glad the Inspirations got another young lead. The youthful energy Steven seems to be bringing looks like it will continue to keep the Inspos on the top of my list. 🙂

    (I still liked Jodi Hosterman better as tenor, but thats a personal preference in vocal texture.) 😉

    • I’ve heard a bit of their newest project coming out the 16th, and Mark Clark does have a very Jodi-like sound on certain parts of the recording…other parts he sounds more like Archie. I have to say that this video doesn’t really capture Mark at his best…I’ve seen him twice with the Inspirations and he really fits in well. Then again, just about everything in Southern Gospel is a matter of personal preference. 🙂 I loved Jodi with them as well, though. I thought he brought a fresh sound to them that they had never had.

      • I personally like Mark Clark with the Inspirations because he does sound a little like Archie did but not entirely..kinda like Archie but a little more of a “fresh” sound to it.

      • I just got their latest project as well, and I really love it. Mark Clark is an excellent tenor. If I were to compare his voice to past inspo tenors he is kind of like a blend between Archie and Jodi, which versitility makes him an excellent choice for the spot. 🙂

  8. Anyone know why the Dixie Melody Boys were without their new lead singer? I was very surprised to see a fill-in on such a big event. Maybe he was graduating from high school or something. I saw a couple of videos on Youtube with the new line-up but apparently they were either removed very quickly or the link was bad. Just curious.

    • The person they thought was going to be their new lead singer did not work out; they are looking again.

      • After seeing those quick videos, the potential was there but it looked like it would be a while. There seemed to be some struggles carrying the harmony part. Both videos had the new baritone carrying the lead part and the new lead singing harmony. Lots of spots where the new lead seemed very uncertain. Ed will get him a good one.