CD Review: 35th Anniversary (The Primitive Quartet)

Although I have heard of the Primitive Quartet for years and have been familiar with some of their music, I got to meet them for the first time in September at the National Quartet Convention. I really enjoyed talking with Larry Riddle and Norman Wilson but I also had the blessing of meeting Mike Riddle, Randy Fox, and Reagan Riddle.

While at NQC, I picked up a copy of their 35th Anniversary CD and probably listened to it a dozen times or so in the first two weeks (something unusual for me). Historically, I have not been as into bluegrass as some of my family members but I am really enjoying this CD.

The CD starts with an up-tempo song called “John Knew.”

Randy Fox sings “The Precious One,” followed by Reagan singing a thought-provoking song, “Reaping From Fields I’ve Never Sown.”

Reagan Riddle only wrote one song on this project called “Didn’t He Shine” which features Jeff Tolbert.

I love the way Mike sings “Dear Jesus I Love You.” There is such a sincerity in his voice, making it more of a prayer than a song.

“Someday” talks about life after death and how it’s nothing to be sad about.

“I Love to Walk With Jesus” is another up-tempo number with another great message. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the predominant instrument but I love listening to the banjo on this one.

“He Didn’t Stay Dead” is a great reminder that, as sure as Jesus rose from the dead, He will come back again.

My favorite songs are both near the end of the project: “He’s Still Been a Good God to Me” talks about how, no matter what I go through, God has still been so good to me!

Norman sings “Grace is There” and does a great job, reminding us that God’s grace is sufficient and will sustain us through the death of a loved one.

Thank you, Primitives, for 35 years of service to our Lord. I wish you many more years of blessing as you continue to allow Him to use you to bless others.

~ Sony

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  1. I love the Primitives. I’m not a big bluegrass fan either, but the Primitives’ sincerity shines through in every song they do and anywhere, anytime they sing. They are a mainstay at the Calvin Evans’ Evangelistic Outreach revival every fall about half-an-hour from me in Lucasville, OH.

    Great review, Sony. I love to see someone else blessed by the Primitives.