Urgent Prayer Requested for Tracy Stuffle

Tracy Stuffle’s brother-in-law Randy Perry just posted: “They are fixing to take Tracy to hospital he is either having seizures or in the process of another stroke, please pray.”

UPDATE, 5:30 P.M.: The Perrys posted: “At hospital here in Lebanon with Tracy. He’s either having seizures or a stroke.”

UPDATE, 10 PM: The Perrys posted:

Here’s the latest: Along with having 3 seizures, he also has a urinary tract infection. Which could have brought on the seizures. All this caused his heart rate to go up over 200 and potassium which messes with the heart. He’s back on trach. He’s on several drips and they have him sedated. Dr said, he’s very sick!! They just moved him to ICU. To those who want to throw at me, where’s your God now? And say, I thought you said God was healing him. I still stand on God’s Word regardless of what you may say to me!!!! God is still here, He still has His hands on Tracy!!!! No, I don’t know what God’s will or plan is, but I still choose to stand flat footed and trust Him!!! Whatever God’s will is, He has us covered with His hands!!! He IS our strong tower and shelter in the storm!!! He has us under His wings and shielding us!!!! 

UPDATE, 7/7, 3 PM: Libbi posted: “Dr just came in and said Tracy has a touch of pneumonia on left side. No UTI. Blood cell count is down to 18,000 from 27,000. Feels like bowels being backed up threw everything out of whack. That made potassium high and electrolytes high. all this would bring on seizures. So they are loading him with enemas. He said everything seems to be slowly returning to normal. Taking him off vent here in a little bit.”

UPDATE, 7/8, overnight: “Things are quiet tonight. Have been all day. Things seem to be pretty stable. Blood pressure is still elevated on the bottom side. Dr is working on tweaking his Meds some more to get it more leveled out. Heart rate has been good. They are weaning him off the trach a little at a time. They don’t won’t to do it to quick. … We should be able to tell in the morning from new blood work how things are doing as far as number wise.”

UPDATE, 7/10: Libbi posted: “Y’all pray for Tracy, he has a blood clot in the entire right arm and they are checking his left arm and both legs now. Can’t give blood thinner due to previous bleeds in brain. Not sure what option will be. Will update as soon as I know more.”

UPDATE, 7/10, 9 PM: Libbi posted: “Tracy has no blood clots in legs or left arm! PTL They think clot in right arm was caused from pick line so they removed it. The clot should dissolve itself because it’s a superficial clot and not a deep one. He’s also off the ventilator and just on trach collar. Another step forward! He’s still in ICU. But if all goes well, will move to a regular room tomorrow. Thanks for all the extra prayers today!!! God is still good and we are still trusting Him and His will.”

UPDATE, 7/11: Last night, Libbi posted: “Tracy just smiled at me and then smirked! PTL And he moved his mouth and said amen when I got done praying! Woop, woop God is good!!! Thank U God for Your sweet blessings on me!!!! I love You!!!”

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  1. I will get the prayer chain going here for him. Tell the family I am praying for them to have the strength to get through this. Hebrews 12:2.

  2. Praying

  3. We are praying for Libbie, Tracie and family. We love The Perrry’s.

    • We are praying for Libbie, Trscie and family. We love The Perry’s.

  4. I was at the Gatlinburg Gathering when they announced that they had recevied a text message about Tracy’s condition. Immediate prayers went up for him and the family from the stage. The previoius night, Libbi and the boys were on stage at the Gathering. It was an intensely powerful time in the presence of the Lord. For the first song (sorry, I forgot the name of the song), a video was played featuring Tracy singing the bass part. The loud and sustained applause from the audience reflected the love that we all have for the Perry’s, and for the trust we have in the Lord for Tracy”s complete and total healing. It was a moment I will not soon forget. Sending out love and prayers for the Stuffle family, and for all of those who are associated with this ministry.

  5. Just saw where Tracy now has a blood clot in his entire arm. He is in desperate need of prayer. Cant give blood thinners because of brain bleeds.

    • Yes, I added that update to the post above a couple hours ago. But some people only look at new comments, not post edits, so thanks for sharing it here.