Dale Shipley launches solo ministry

Former Perfect Heart lead singer Dale Shipley recently announced a solo ministry on Facebook:

I am now beginning to take some booking engagements. New CD and new website @ www.daleshipley.com. On the CONTACT page you can find links to contact Duane Garren who is doing my booking. You can also find a couple of songs from my new project on the STORE page.

For Southern Gospel newcomers who never saw Perfect Heart live, here’s a video of Shipley in action:

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  1. Awesome news! I loved Perfect Heart and Dale is a wonderful singer. I just wish he was starting a quartet!!

  2. Without a doubt Dale Shipley has one of the biggest voices I have ever heard. When he was with Perfect Heart years ago he was the epitome of what a lead singer should be (full voice, not the thin voices I hear today). I loved his diction and could understand every word he sung. I have often wondered what Dale has been doing. I have seen him on YouTube singing at Bellview Baptist Church in Memphis. Dale sings the right way and I’m thrilled to know he is traveling again.

    • Oops Bellevue, not Bellview

  3. I forgot how much of a great voice Dale has and am glad he is starting a singing ministry again.

    Side note: Does the piano on that video sound overdubbed? The grand piano sure sounds like an early 90’s keyboard 🙂

  4. Loved hearing Dale @ Bellevue and with Perfect Heart – glad to see he’s still singing and has put out a new recording! This will be a must-buy for me!

    On a side note, I’d love to see a Perfect Heart reunion at NQC or MQS some time! Cathedrals and Gold City reunions are great, but bring these four guys back together for a matinee and it would be just as awesome!

  5. As good as Dale Shipley was with Perfect Heart, this is my favorite clip of Dale singing – he was singing a song he sang with Perfect Heart but in a “guest spot” with the Joylanders. Jason Griggs sings the fire out of the first verse and Dale tears the cover off the 2nd. Jason’s wife Vanessa (Van – in the middle) sang with the Lesters during the period they recorded “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away”. Tim Parton was with them during this period as well. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7G48H7JigQ

    • Wow! What a video! I finally had a couple of minutes to watch it. (And what a way to kick a day off!)

  6. Man they had it together. Presnell is from around my neck of the woods and I think still has Perfect Heart singing every now and then but I don’t know who all is in the group. Dale Shipley knows how to sing no doubt and is a great feller. They are all good guys but when the wheels fell off that group I hated it for Jeff. He had his heart and soul into that deal. I’m happy for him now. He’s as happy as I’ve ever saw him.