Saturday News Roundup #180

Worth Knowing

  • NQC sent out the first round ballot for the 2013 NQC Music Awards yesterday night. First-round voting will end on July 20th.
  • Worth Reading: Danny Jones’ thought-provoking column on founding Primitive Quartet member Furman Wilson’s last night on this earth.
  • The latest update from Libbi Perry Stuffle on Tracy Stuffle’s stroke recovery: “We are at a new for real “Rehab Center!!” Tracy was moved here this evening. It’s very aggressive therapy 6 days a week! He will be off on Sundays. It’s in Lebanon, but it’s not a nursing home, but a real rehab facility! Please pray he will be able to tolerate at least 3 hours or more of therapy per day! I really feel this is a total God thing! He can have visitors of close friends and family, but only after 5pm til 9pm daily. We ask that it remain close friends and family only. He’s gonna be so tired after working hard everyday. Please pray that the pneumonia will totally be destroyed and never come back!!! Pray for Tracy’s strength and endurance!! Pray he has no more seizures!”

Worth Watching

One of the songs on the Booth Brothers’ recently released quartet album with bass vocalist Gene McDonald is a Mosie Lister song that, to their knowledge, has only been recorded once before:

Also worth watching: A Wayne Haun photo shoot blooper.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. We got the NQC award nominating ballot about a week ago, but we didn’t get anything last night. Hope it’s still coming!

    • Yes, I do hope so, too! 🙂

  2. The chorus of the Mosie Lister song was included in a choral medley arranged by Mike Speck (I think). I sang the song back in the mid 90s while in the college Gospel choir at GBS (Cincinnati, OH). Brought back some memories.

  3. I feel the need to post a warning if it is ok Daniel.
    Parents in general, but specifically Parents in Southern Gospel music that have children in the ministry with them. Please, I beg you, go to your children’s Twitter, facebook, and any other social media sites and monitor what your children are posting and who they are following. Very disturbed by the things I see and read that are filling the minds of our children in general, And I see it happening to children in southern gospel as well. Be the Parent and set the rules. Invade their privacy. It is what a good parent does. Other people are watching and if we proclaim the name of Christ our lives should represent him.

    • No problem; this sort of thing is perfectly fine in an open thread.