The Old Paths sign with The Harper Agency

Over the last two years, the Old Paths have risen to the ranks of the industry’s leading quartets. After signing with Crossroads in 2012, their first Crossroads release produced two #1 Singing News hits. This year, they moved to the premiere Sonlite/Crossroads label for their latest release (These Truths, which came out this Tuesday).

This morning, the Harper Agency, one of the industry’s leading booking agencies, announced that they have added The Old Paths to their roster. Harper Agency president Ed Harper states:

My dad, who founded The Harper Agency in 1986, was a member of The Oak Ridge Boys for 12 years. As a result of Dad’s love for four-part harmony, our agency has a rich tradition of representing quality quartets. The Old Paths help us continue that tradition. They have been around for quite a while, but they have recently begun to make a real impact in so many areas. They have received major endorsements from such prominent pastors as Dr Jerry Vines and Dr Charles Stanley, which is a great testament to their desire for ministry, as well as their exceptional talent. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with and represent such an outstanding group of young men. We look forward to being a part of their future for many years.

Old Paths baritone Douglas Roark adds: 

We are honored and humbled by the recent success of our ministry, and all the glory is given to the Lord, Jesus Christ. We are thankful for the support of our families, friends, fans and diligence of the Crossroads Music team. Along with that success there’s been a greater demand for scheduling. We’re delighted to announce an agreement with the renowned Harper Agency! With their shared interest in keeping the Gospel of Christ at the forefront, we have every confidence that we can better focus on the day to day task of the ministry and allow more time with our families when we’re home. We are so looking forward to what we believe God has in store.

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  1. Well-deserved!!!

    This is a wonderful QT and they belong in the upper-tier not only because of their talent, but their commitment to ministry.


  2. Daniel,
    Im on an iphone and not sure if it is just me or others as well, but your previous post was missing the link to Tracy’s update and this post doesnt show the comments by Ed Harper nor Douglas Roark. Wierd.

    • Odd!

    • I’m on an Android phone and have the same problems.

  3. I hope the Harper Agency books the Old Paths in east TN more they booked themselves in the area.

  4. The Old Paths are great. Have seen them several times this year. Great evening of Gospel Music and they put on a great evening of SG music.

  5. Well deserved. Look forward to having them in Texas more.

  6. All you folks that want The Old Paths in your area need to request the promoters have them. I’m sure they would be glad to come to east TN and Texas if promoters would add them to their concert line-up. This is a great bunch of men serving the Lord and singing for Him. I’ve known them from about the beginning when Doug & Tim started the group as a trio.