Facebook Fan Clubs

In the world of Southern Gospel, in the last six months or so, Facebook has replaced MySpace as the place for fans and artists alike to network and stay in touch.

Unlike MySpace, where the structure was artist and group profiles, Facebook is structured so that all profiles are supposed to be real people, and artists are represented by fan club pages. These have taken off within the last several months, with some now showing hundreds or thousands of members.

What’s interesting—and what illustrates the year or so these Facebook group pages have had to build a fan base—is how many of the groups’ fan bases are proportionate to their real-life fan bases.

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  1. Soul’d Out… 1,046 members!

  2. Great list..missing Hovie Lister & the Statesmen Quartet. Anyways-I’m just glad that my Perrys group has made it over 500. =)

  3. you left out SOQT!!! soul’d out quartet has one of the bigger fan populations according to statistics anyway…so please don’t forget about us!! (:

  4. You’re missing SOUL’D OUT QUARTET, with 1,004 fans so far.

  5. You also forgot a few others:

    Hoppers – 1,033 fans
    Austins Bridge – 582 fans

  6. Haha this is great!! 🙂

  7. Cool – and to anyone who is wondering, basically I listed all the ones I could find. I am a member of the Statesmen group, but somehow I accidentally omitted it from the list.

  8. I don’t see Soul’d Out Quartet. They now have 1.054 fans and growing every day!!

  9. Hidee,
    It is brand new, so there are not a huge number of fans as of yet. However, The Melody Boys Quartet of Little Rock, AR now have a Facebook page. I would love to see y’all join!

  10. Soul’d Out Quartet fan. Don’t forget these guys they are awesome !!!