Saturday News Roundup #181

Worth Knowing

  • As Tracy Stuffle’s stroke recovery continues, he was able to stand this week for the first time since January. Libbi Perry Stuffle posted a picture here.
  • David Phelps’ Classic video will be featured on PBS next Friday, July 26th.

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of Soul’d Out Quartet singing the Singing Americans song “Over There.”

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I remember the Kingsmen Qt. did that song on Southern Classics Volume 2. 1998. Bryan was singing on that one.

    • I don’t believe I have that recording! Well, this probably tells us who brought the song to Soul’d Out! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear about David’s album. It is a masterpiece that deserves to be heard by the world.

    • Neat! I actually have not heard it yet.

    • I agree. David’s classical training, passion for music, and deep faith in and devotion to God place this album firmly in his wheelhouse. And, who know what doors could be opened to the gospel from this exposure.

  3. My family went to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound on Friday night in Lancaster, PA. It was a large crowd of mostly “older” folks. There were not as many younger, Mennonite families as have attended in previous years. Maybe the extreme heat kept some folks from attending.
    Paul Heil was the emcee for the evening; he lives locally and usually participates in Garden Spot Promotions concerts.
    Ernie did not bring a lead/acoustic guitarist or a drummer like he did last year. Wayne played piano and David played bass guitar and controlled the track machine. We missed the full band, but understand that a very limited summer touring schedule and high personnel costs would make it difficult to maintain the extra musicians.
    The singing was wonderful. After coming off of a long vacation the guys seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves. Everyone did great but I was particularly impressed by the new bass singer, Paul. This was his first time singing in Lancaster and the crowd really enjoyed him. He really can hit the low notes, and has a wonderful, smooth voice.
    The set list was mostly songs from their new album, Glorious Day, and they sang lots of old Cathedrals songs. This year seemed much slower paced with less upbeat songs than the last two years summer tour. They finished with Oh What a Savior and used the chorus of Glorious Day and Devin’s song, Love is a Verb, as their “reprise” at the end of the first half and of the concert.
    Overall, a very nice evening.

    • Thanks so much for the concert review!

  4. I read on Facebook that Tim Riley was ordered by doctors to stay off the road this weekend due to his leg injury from the recent GC bus fire, so GC was in concert as a trio.

    • Wow! I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope he is feeling better soon.

  5. We just watched the Perry’s DVD “Celebrate Me Home” Live in Nashville. It was recorded at Oak Tree Studio. And then we looked up at the Oak Tree logo and saw it has maple leaves! Has anyone else seen that, or do Tennessee’s oak trees grow maple leaves?

  6. That’s hilarious. Good eyes there. I actually recorded with a choir for 2 days in oak tree studios and didnt notice that. Sure looks like a sugar maple leaf to me. Be interesting to see if they change it now that is has been pointed out.

  7. I didn’t know Gaither sold the Statler Brothers farewell concert video.

  8. That song “Over There” is one of my favourites, from one of the all-time best live albums, “Live and Alive”.
    Nice to hear it done again.

  9. I never knew much about Harold Gilley but I heard about his impressions this is video of him doing J.D. Sumner but I must confess that James Blackwood got taller!

  10. I listened to some samples from the Browns’ newest project, “Love Loud” that comes out in August. Anybody else? The song “Street of Gold” really caught my ear! Just when I thought nearly every style of music had been tried by a SG group, I hear this. I like it…but it’s definitely different! Any comments on that?

    • Where did you find samples Josh?

    • Where did you find samples Josh?

  11. A pleasant surprise today was finding this video on youtube today.
    Upon seeing the video, I did some googling and found the track listing for the Gaither Women of Homecoming vols. 1 & 2 on
    I have to say that I was impressed just by the track listings.

    • Oops :O , did I put the wrong link?
      The song is Standing In The Need Of Prayer from vol 2, I guess people will just have to search for it to watch it.

    • The colon goes before the slashes. http://, not http//:

  12. Josh, I think someone spilled the beans on this blog about The Browns making the jump to StowTown. Seems like Ernie & Wayne are locking in with family groups that are multi-talented.

    • Was just coming here to post this. In the most recent EHSS email, they gave a list of upcoming StowTown projects, and the Browns’ new project was listed. According to the email, an official press release is coming soon.

      This is a great get for StowTown. I actually saw them in concert before they hit it big on a national level. Very talented family!

      • I first saw them live about six or seven years ago. They were good then, and they’ve even gotten better since. (I must be clear, though, that it’s despite the loss of Jessica Brown Trammell!)

      • The concert I saw them at was over 10 years ago.

      • Cool!

  13. Also, it appears that EHSSQ will be recording 2 DVD’s the same night in August! One for “Glorious Day,” and another for Christmas! As exciting as that is…something tells me their voices will be shot by the end of the night.

    • Maybe not Josh, EHSSQ’s August schedule is super light.

      • It’s probably not as big a deal for them as it would be for the average SG group that typically does 75-90 minute concerts. Their shows, last I saw them at least, often run 3 hours. So the 3-4 hours for a video shoot, barring any major, unexpected technical delays, isn’t an order of magnitude different from what they would do on a typical night.

      • And… they can always go back in the studio and redo/fix stuff.