Videos of the Day: Jordan’s Bridge

In January, I covered the launch of Jordan’s Bridge, a trio featuring Singing Americans alumni Joe Lane and Phil Barker. (Lane is also known, more recently, for his time at the Dove Brothers’ piano bench.) There hasn’t been much footage of the group’s live concerts posted to YouTube, but DinanaSN recently posted two songs:

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  1. Thanks for posting this Daniel! Jordan’s Bridge is my favorite “new group” in Gospel Music! (And that is saying a great deal for me since they do not have a bass singer! Smile!) Seriously, they know how to sing, what to sing, and how to communicate with an audience from what I’ve heard on You Tube, recording, and from knowing several of the gentlemen from other groups. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing them “in person” at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion in Greenville, SC August 8 – 10. They have a Facebook page. Everyone should go “Like” their page, see when they will be in your area, and go see them! I’m expecting great things from these gentlemen!

    • You’re welcome! I love their sound, too, though I certainly would be the last to complain if they were to find the right bass singer. 🙂

  2. Links to a few more from, Jordan’s Bridge…

    I’ve Come To Far To Look Back:

    What A Lovely Name:

    The Longer I Serve Him:

  3. They really should get a bass singer. We don’t need a trio that sounds so good…..:)

    • Hey Michael,

      Thanks for the compliment my friend. If we get back in time on Sunday I’m gonna come and heckle you guys at First Baptist in Church Hill TN. According to your schedule thats where you guys will be at and that’s only 5 miles from my house. Got an idea, why don’t we both hire the same bass singer and we both use him 6 months a year. We’ll take the second half of the year. Think on that. Lol.

      You guys are awesome and I really appreciate your ministry.


  4. Joe

    We will be thrilled to see you! As far as the bass singer, I hear they are very expensive!

  5. I have had the privilege of seeing them several times. They are great!! Good harmony in vocals. With Joe Lane on the ivories you don’t need anything else! If you haven’t had the chance to see them, GO!!