NQC announces 2013 NQC Music Awards Nominees

Yesterday afternoon, the National Quartet Convention announced the final round of nominees for the 2013 NQC Music Awards. Here’s an award-by-award breakdown comparing the 2012 and 2013 finalist lists:

Bass Singer of the Year:

  • Both: Eric Bennett, Jeff Chapman, Tim Duncan
  • 2013: Pat Barker, Tracy Stuffle
  • 2012: Glenn Dustin, Tim Riley

Baritone Singer of the Year:

  • Both: Jim Brady, Rodney Griffin, Scott Inman, Mark Lowry, Mark Trammell

Lead Singer of the Year:

  • Both: Ronnie Booth, Michael English, Arthur Rice, Gerald Wolfe
  • 2013: Scott Fowler
  • 2012: Joseph Habedank

Tenor Singer of the Year:
(Note: There was evidently a two-way tie for the fifth spot this year, resulting in six 2013 nominees)

  • Both: Chris Allman, Michael Booth, Brian Free, David Phelps
  • 2013: Wes Hampton, David Sutton
  • 2012: Ernie Haase

Soprano Singer of the Year:

  • Both: Lauren Talley Alvey, Brooklyn Collingsworth, Kim Hopper, Sonya Isaacs Yeary, Karen Peck Gooch

Alto Singer of the Year:

  • Both: Sheri Easter, Connie Hopper, Libbi Perry Stuffle
  • 2013: Courtney Collingsworth, Kim Collingsworth
  • 2012: Debra Talley, Susan Whisnant

Soloist of the Year:

  • Both: Mark Bishop, Jason Crabb, TaRanda Greene, Ivan Parker, Guy Penrod

Male Group of the Year:

  • Both: Booth Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band, Greater Vision, Kingdom Heirs, Triumphant Quartet

Mixed Group of the Year Nominees:

  • Both: Collingsworth Family, Hoppers, Isaacs, Karen Peck & New River, Perrys

Musician of the Year Nominees:

  • 2013: Kim Collingsworth, Gordon Mote, Jeff Stice, Kevin Williams, Gerald Wolfe

Album of the Year Nominees:

  • A Tribute to the Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither – Booth Brothers
  • For All He’s Done – Greater Vision
  • Greatest Hits Live – Booth Brothers
  • Redeeming the Time – Kingdom Heirs
  • Through the Night – Perrys

(2012 groups represented: Booth Brothers, Collingsworth Family, Greater Vision, Perrys, Triumphant Quartet)

Video of the Year:
(New category for 2013)

  • Classic – David Phelps
  • I Want to be That Man – Brian Free & Assurance
  • I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Hoppers
  • Lari Goss-The Man Behind the Music – Multiple Artists
  • Pure and Simple – Gaither Vocal Band

Song of the Year Nominees:

  • Glorious Freedom – Gaither Vocal Band
  • He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me – Hoppers
  • He Didn’t When He Could Have Passed By – Greater Vision
  • I Got a Hold of God This Morning – Perrys
  • I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir – Booth Brothers
  • I Want to be That Man – Brian Free & Assurance
  • I’m Still Amazed – Legacy Five
  • Just Beyond the Sunset – Kingdom Heirs
  • Take it from Me Meshach – Triumphant Quartet
  • Unspoken Request – McKameys
  • Groups represented both years: Gaither Vocal Band, Greater Vision, Perrys, Booth Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Legacy Five, Kingdom Heirs, Triumphant Quartet
  • Groups represented in 2013 only: Hoppers, McKameys
  • Groups represented in 2012 only: Jason Crabb, Mark Trammell Quartet

Producer/Arranger of the Year:

  • Both: Ben Isaacs, Donna King, Rick Sandidge, Roger Talley
  • 2013: Jeff Collins
  • 2012: Lari Goss, Wayne Haun, Steve Mauldin, David Staton

Promoter of the Year:

  • Both: Bill Bailey, Landon Beene, Ray Flynn, Bill Gaither
  • 2013: Frank Arnold, Bob Brumley, Robert York
  • 2012: Brian Lester, Mike Wheeler

Radio Station of the Year

  • Both: WXRI
  • 2013: WGUS, KWFC, WBTX, WWWC
  • 2012: WBOZ, WCGW, WJBZ, WTRM

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  1. And noticeably absent from the ballot as they were from NQC last year, are any signs of the Signature Sound Qt. The only real surprise for me is that Tim Riley is not in for Bass singer.

    • That is somewhat of a surprise, but note that the two new bass singers are Pat Barker and Tracy Stuffle. It’s hardly a surprise that Barker’s now making top 5 lists – we all saw it coming a few years ago, and it just took this long for fans to catch on. And Stuffle has been on everyone’s minds all year with the stroke recovery.

  2. I was looking for a few more of the guys from Legacy Five to be in there. Only Scott Fowler if I’m not mistaken.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what do these awards actually mean? Is it simply something to hang on the wall, or does it result in financial gain/more bookings?

    • Much like the Singing News Fan Awards, and most other awards shows in most other genres, there’s not necessarily any financial gain. It’s just a recognition of your fans (as in this case) or peers (as in the cases of the Dove Awards or IBMA Awards) that your pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed. It’s basically a nice pat on the back by a couple thousand fans.

  3. How many times has the same group had two people in the running for an award at the same position? Having TWO of the best tenors in the business is a great luxury for the GVB.

    • Note also that the Collingsworth Family, with two of the best altos in the business, has both in this year’s top 5.

      • Overlooked that! Pretty cool. When you listen to the quality product put out by the Collingsworth Family and the GVB it’s no surprise they’re popular.

      • I completely agree on all counts.

    • Couldn’t be two of the best tenors, either

      Couldn’t be two of the best tnors, either

      I’ve always preferred basses, but the GVBs got my vote this time! They’re one awesome quartet! They’ve got a host of nominations this year! They deserve a few awards !!! My favorites are MICHAEL ENGLISH AND DAVID PHELPS!



  4. I’m kind of surprised to not see any members of Soul’d Out represented on the ballot.

    • I’m less surprised. The way fan awards work in our genre, it often takes around a decade of performing at the highest levels of recognized excellence before a group starts picking up awards. Groups like Tribute, The Old Paths, and Soul’d Out are all on a path to where, if they keep building on the success they’ve had to date, I would expect to see them earning top 5 nominations in 5-8 years.

      Take the Booth Brothers; it was about a decade after they hit the national scene in a big way when they started sweeping awards ceremonies. Ditto for the Collingsworth Family. Kim Collingsworth just started winning pianist-of-the-year type awards around last year. Was it seriously that she’s that much of a better pianist now than she was eight or nine years ago, when she started performing her signature arrangement of “How Great Thou Art”? Hardly; it’s just that it took the average fans this many years to recognize her level of talent.

      • Excellent point, Daniel, and one that I think a lot of people forget when these and other awards are announced. In Southern Gospel Music, there is a tremendous amount of fan loyalty and familiarity, combined with the accessibility of the artists to the fans. I’ve always felt like fans think of artists as family and somtimes it’s hard to let someone else into that circle. Once fans warm up to an artist and the artist proves they are credible, the fans will make room for another group to become a favorite, and that’s when you start seeing the shift in the votes–and yes, it usually takes around 8-10 years. I also think that’s why a lot of people find group changes so devastating when the average person working a job in private sector can regularly go for career moves and job promotions or transfers and no one thinks a thing of it. Turnover at the local factory, school, grocery store, or hospital isn’t nearly as devastating to us as turnover in our beloved gospel groups! As far as the awards themselves, it has less to do with talent or performance excellence and, in my opinion, nothing to do with validation of one’s ministry, and more to do with the fact that a group has done something that their audiences have enjoyed and they have fans who like them enough to want to see them to come out on top in the votes. Sometimes a group has worked their hearts out and deserve the nomination/award for their effort, consistency and dedication. Other times, I think maybe it’s been a rough year and that affirmation of a nomination/award can just be that encouragement a group or individual needs to press on. I do think that, in spite of how trivial these awards are in the grand scheme of eternity, God can use them to bless and encourage His servants at a time when they may most need it.

  5. It came as a surprise to see my name nominated as promoter of the year. It is my understanding that this is an industry nominated and voted on award and not a fan voted award. Personally I THANK whomever is responsible. It’s an honor to be among those nominated.

    • If I’m recalling news headlines from about 18 months ago correctly, I seem to think that industry awards are nominated and possibly voted on by Southern Gospel Music Guild members.

    • Congrats Robert!! You’ve worked hard in a tough market and there are good results for your efforts.

      • Agreed. Looking through the entire list of nominations, that was the one nomination I got the most excited about. 🙂

      • Thanks Michael. It is a tough market here but our ministry is to help people know God’s love for them. We try to bring it to them in music, with groups that share God’s love in song.

    • Congrats Robert! Just for clarification, the NQC Music Awards are voted on by subscribers to the NQC’s Email database, which is made up of “industry” personnel and the NQC’s huge “fan” base. So, a lot of people must like the way you’re doing things, Robert!

      Congratulations again!

      • Thank you! I knew that was the case for most of the awards. I had not remembered if that was the case for the nominations portion of the industry awards categories.

      • The criteria and procedures for voting is posted here:

        Concert Promoter is an industry category, which means the voters include entities who purchased booth space at the National Quartet Convention plus members of the SGMG.

  6. Robert is one of the best – for sure! So happy for him!

    • Thanks Chris, Daniel and the others for the kind words.

  7. Can you get in to buy merchandise without buying a ticket? Just curious….Have a fractured ankle and can’t make it all over the place. Want to see the Gaither Band badly, Kingsmen, and Ernie Haase and Signature Sound if I can. If I need to buy a ticket, I will. Live across the river and never seen all the quartets or the convention. Since this is the last year for them, it would be nice to see them if I can get a ticket.

    • I’m not sure. It depends on the year. But tickets aren’t terribly expensive – less than $25 for one evening, I believe – so it’s not like you would be spending a fortune to get in.