Tanya Goodman-Sykes and Johnny Minick launch Goodman Revival

Multiple Happy Goodmans alumni have recently formed Goodman Revival, a group paying tribute to the Happy Goodmans. Alto Tanya Goodman-Sykes, Rusty Goodman’s daughter, sang alto for the group for several years in the early 1980s, after Howard and Vestal Goodman left the group. She was on several albums that also featured Michael English on lead and mainstays Sam and Rusty Goodman. Lead singer Johnny Minick sang with Howard and Vestal when they brought the group name back from the mid-’90s through their second and final retirement in 2001. They will be joined by Johnny Minick’s son Aaron on baritone, and Tanya Goodman-Sykes’ husband Michael Sykes on piano/keyboards, as well as a full live band.

The group has an incomplete website here. Yesterday, Michael Sykes announced on Facebook that the group is tying up a few loose ends to be ready to accept bookings.

Here’s a recent video that features three of the four Goodman Revival members, with Michael Sykes on baritone instead of piano:

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  1. It looks like homecoming and camp meeting time last week and it sounded good;

  2. This sounds great! I hope they fare better than New Speer Revival did. I really mean that. No sarcasm intended.

  3. A very powerful song. Thank you.

  4. Tanya sang with the Goodmans in the late 70s like Kelly Nelon sang with the LeFevres. This was fulltime travel closer to the end of the 70s. I think she first appeared on ’99 44/100′. Either that or the live album from that time period.

    Glad to see Michael’s talents being put to use. Such a talented arranger/producer.

  5. Do you suppose they will make an appearance at NQC this year?

    • They’re not on the mainstage schedule, which isn’t exactly a surprise, since the schedule was set several months before the group was formed.

  6. I wonder if this was part of the reason Michael left Canton Junction?

    • Could be. I’ve been wondering that ever since I first heard rumblings of the formation of this group.

  7. Wow! I’ll be first in line to buy a CD!

    This is a sound like I haven’t heard in a long time! I hope they’ll keep these same types of simple, straight-forward arrangements on their CD. What they’ve got is something that can’t be taught or learned… it just comes naturally for them.

  8. I need my CD NOW! My wife and I have been Tanya fans for years! We are ready to buy any recording with her voice on it! This is the tight, full, strong sound gospel music needs!!