Dixie Echoes hire Alex Utech

Alex And Andrew UtechThe Dixie Echoes announced in an email update today that they have hired Alex Utech to be their new bass singer. They have also hired his twin brother Andrew to be a musician and bus driver. The brothers hail from Scottsboro, Alabama, and are twenty years old.

Their email update included the picture seen at left; it did not identify which brother was which—not that it would necessarily have helped!

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  1. I believe he filled in for Mile Holcomb with the Inspirations at a concert I attended, he has a lot of talent, very humble and all around great young man! He done an outstanding job on bass as well!!

  2. After doing some looking up info, I’ve discovered that Alex has filled in with the Inspirations on occasion.

    Both brothers were members of a group called Gem City. Here’s a short video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3736492843372

  3. I’m confused, on some spots of the New Gem City website they’re listed as Alex & Andrew Ledwell? In the group bio however, they’re referred to as by the name of Utech. Quite confusing. Their website makes some pretty big claims too such as Alex being able to hit double low C. That’s nuts for kid that age.

    • That is puzzling; however, I’m going to assume that the Dixie Echoes’ information on their names is the current information.

  4. Aaron Swain found some video of him:


    • In that event, I think he’s the same bass singer I heard called up for a song at the Inspirations’ July 4th festival two or three years ago.

  5. I am excited about the Dixie Echoes “new hires”! We saw them as young boys at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion! I am looking forward to seeing them again at this year’s GOGR August 8 – 10!

  6. Wow. This seemed like it took forever but I’m glad to see they’ve hired these new guys.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they’re twins, wouldn’t that mean they’re BOTH basses?

    • I don’t know whether they are identical or fraternal twins. It’s at least theoretically possible that they’re fraternal twins, even though there is a very distinct family resemblance.

      If they are identical twins, there is a very high probability that they have similar sets of vocal chords. But cases have been recorded through history – including in classical music, where they are the most particular about precise voice types – of identical twins who had different voice classifications.

      • Another interesting fact that came up in online research: There’s an extremely high chance that their vocal chords started out identical. But vocal chords change over time; this can be influenced by medication, environmental factors (like smoking or second-hand smoke, or, for that matter, regular exposure to helium), and how the chords are used. And as they change over time, there’s a greater chance of audible distinctions between the voices of identical twins.

      • I didn’t know that. But it might explain even other things like two brothers whose voices are very different, range wise.

      • Yes, it might. What can be done with vocal chords is part genetic, part environmental, and part training.

    • I’m Nathan Parrish I got the boys their jobs with the Gem City. Andrew sang baritone and lead for the group but is actually a pretty decent tenor.

  7. I met these guys last weekend in Alexandria, Va. I believe they mentioned they were identical twins. In person, they appear more identical than in this photo. Andrew, the drummer, was featured on a song or two singing the lead part and did a nice job- they both have good range. They were very nice and had a great spirit about them as well. Down side is, they made me feel old…

  8. The New Gem City has Andrew listed as the Baritone of the group, so that’s only a slight difference

  9. If Alex can fill in for Mike Holcomb, he obviously has some real talent. Andrew will be a great addition as well. Here’s a vote for LIVE music…

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Dixie Echoes with the new lineup.

  10. Wouldn’t it be fun if one was bass and the other a tenor?

    • If my “sources” are correct, Andrew has quite a wide range, and occasionally sings tenor!

    • If my “sources” are correct, Andrew has quite a wide range, and occasionally sings tenor.

  11. These young men are quite good and are already crowd pleasers. They have a very bright future ahead of them, especially with such great mentors as Randy and Scoot. I hope they ride the DE bus for many years to come…

    • A couple more YouTube videos popped up from NQC. They can ride that Winging My Way Back Home routine for quite a while.

      It still amazes me that he has such a powerful bass voice and he’s my age.

      Life’s not fair!