Saturday News Roundup #183

Worth Knowing

  • The Down East Boys suffered a devastating bus fire on Thursday. A Facebook update from baritone Daryl Paschal indicates that, apart from the totaled bus, the fire also destroyed $12,000-$15,000 of sound equipment. This forced a cancellation of Thursday’s date, but they were able to arrange alternate transportation for the remainder of their weekend’s dates.
  • The Daryl Williams Trio was in the studio this week. A Facebook status update from Shannon Knight, who sang with the trio in the past and recently released a solo project through Crossroads’ Skyland imprint, indicates that he will be on the project, as will recent Gold City tenor Brent Mitchell.
  • Beyond the Ashes had a bus fire last Saturday, July 27th. The fire, which was started by a stuck brake, was resolved without much damage thanks to a prompt response by the Atlanta Fire Department. In an eery coincidence, this fire came two years, almost to the date, after a major July 31st, 2011 bus fire that severely damaged their bus.
  • Kingsmen bass singer/emcee Ray Dean Reese’s wife Carolyn suffered a fall last Thursday that resulted in surgery last Friday to repair a fractured elbow. She is expected to recover, but complications including arthritis will make the recovery longer and more difficult than usual.
  • Tracy Stuffle continues to improve in his stroke recovery; he is speaking more clearly and eating more puréed food.

Worth Watching

Here’s an all-star lineup of the Rebels Quartet—founding Booth Brothers member Ronnie Booth Sr. on tenor, Jim Hamill on lead, John Matthews on baritone, legend-in-the-making London Parris on bass, and and Little Jimmy Taylor on piano:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Hmmm. Did I miss something? I thought The Daryl Williams Trio was no more. With Shannon and Brent on the project, is Daryl’s wife not participating?

    • I had also thought that they had disbanded. Perhaps this is a special-occasion project; I don’t think that they will be maintaining a full touring schedule, at any rate.

      • Another problem I saw was that Karen Williams is listed as part of the Blackwoods that involve RW Jr. & Donna Blackwood.

  2. My boys and I saw the Kingsmen in Lambrook, AR. on Thursday. They had bus issue as well and had to cancel their date on Friday while waiting for a part to repair the Black Beauty. They opened the second half of the concert with a short set of classic songs with Chris on the piano and Randy of the bass. I asked Randy about it after the concert. He said they have been doing this for a few weeks and people are really loving it. It was great to see them live again and the freedom that live musicians bring to a group.

  3. Beautiful song. That’s how four part harmony is supposed to sound. Beautiful tenor!!!! See why Ronnie and Michael are so talented. I heard the Rangers in person at Will Rogers, Ft Worth, TX, W B Nowlin concerts, in the 50’s & 60’s. A wonderful time period for SG music. Never will forget those days.

    • I was too young to appreciate the 50’s & a young kid in the 60’s and only have vague memories of SG music being played at home and on the radio (imagine, it was on Top 40 then!). My father listened to a wide variety of music and SG was one genre and we went to concerts when they came to the Southwest (SG groups rarely come Southwest or West now) and I have happy memories of them. I have a small collection of remastered CD’s and there are some great classic songs that if updated and rearranged only a small touch, would be as relevant and seem new today. The message and lyrics are timeless but I understand why the groups of today want to put their own stamp on this era. Still I think there is room for a revival of the music of the 50’s and 60’s done in a whole new and fresh way without taking away from the original concept and sound of the era.

  4. Oh, MY!!!! If anyone ever needs to know why we love SG quartet singing (especially with just great piano), we just need to get them to watch this clip of the Rebels. PURE, undefiled, QUARTET. I smiled the whole time while watching Ronnie Booth, Sr., because it was like watching Ronnie, Jr. with Michael’s voice. How like their talented Dad they are! I remember this line-up of the Rebels. Getting to hear them again brought up precious memories. What a joy it is for me that men like these influenced young men coming on to want to sing quartet music, and that we still have great quartets singing and blessing people today. Scotty Inman…dear grandboy of mine…I remember your promise: “I’ll gather up the others I need to keep quartet singing alive as long as I live or until Jesus comes, whichever comes first”. I’m going to hold you to it, Hon!

    • As I was watching it, I was thinking the exact same thing – he looks like Ronnie Jr. but sounds like Michael. I just wish I had thought of putting it that concisely. 🙂

  5. I made an oopsie I’d like to correct. The Dixie Melody Boys are announcing their new lead singer tomorrow 1pm not noon like I originally said. Apparently my math wasn’t doing well that day.

    • No problem. After all, it’ll be 12 noon for someone. 🙂

    • I had already added these to my draft for (now) today’s news roundup. 🙂