Burman Porter leaves the Dove Brothers

Burman PorterLast night, bass singer Burman Porter announced his departure from the Dove Brothers. His Facebook status update indicated that this departure was due to health reasons. He said:

Today, with mixed emotions, I tendered my resignation to The Dove Brothers Band.

Many of you know that this past weekend during the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion I suffered chest pains that lead me to make a trip to the local emergency room on the night that I was to perform with the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet. After several rounds of blood tests, x-rays, and an EKG I was released with instructions to not be far from home and to see my family physician as quickly as possible.

I cannot thank my friends at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion enough for their kindness and understanding as I missed the evening performance that I had been looking forward to for a year. During my visit to the hospital I received numerous calls, text messages, and Facebook messages offering prayers and encouragement. I am very thankful that I have true friends who think enough of me to reach out like that.
Following the evening performances The Dove Brothers left Greenville, SC for an extended tour that I did not feel comfortable taking considering the warning from the ER doctors, so I remained in Greenville, 3 blocks from the hospital for the remainder of the weekend. We returned home Sunday morning and Robin went with me to see my doctor today. We were told that the source of my chest pain is stress…and that I should do anything within my ability to reduce my stress level in order to stop the pains and avoid future complications.

Following my doctor visit, and after talking with Robin, we informed McCray that we feel it best that I not return to the road with the group. McCray says he has found my replacement, so I’m sure you can look for his announcement sometime soon…but I wanted you to hear it from me first.

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  1. praying for you and the Dove Brothers

  2. So sorry to hear this Burman! But God knows what he is doing. I am praying for you, and the Dove’s.

  3. Who do you think the “Replacement” will be?

  4. So sorry to hear this and pray for Burman’s health, he will be missed but must do what is good for his well being. The current vocal lineup and band of Dove Brothers are one of the liveliest and authentic musical experiences out there today and Burman Porter is integral to that. Wishing him the best of health and recovery so that he may continue to enjoy singing, stress free and for pure enjoyment and the glory of it.

    Interesting that McCray Dove has “already found his replacement”…

    • Well, unless they were going to finish out the weekend as a trio, he had to have someone at least on a temporary basis.

      • True…it just sounded so matter of fact and a done deal, not temporary, perhaps I read too much into it.

      • A photo collage on Facebook from over the weekend showed bass guitarist and bus driver David Cable standing in the bass position, though it didn’t appear to be on every song. I’m guessing we haven’t seen the new bass on stage with the group yet.


  5. Here’s Burman with my group Jordan’s Bridge at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.


    • Mr. Lane….you mean to tell me you were in Greenville and didn’t let me know? Shame on you! You could have at least gotten a free meal out of the deal. 🙂

      • But on the flip side, if you either followed the Jordan’s Bridge Facebook or looked up the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion website, you would have known they would be in town. 🙂

      • This is a lesson well learned. I’ll blame lil brother for that. He is in charge of helping me remember things and he couldn’t make it there that night but I did talk to him earlier in the day and he said nothing. Hmmm. Guess I’ll dock him but being the pay ain’t all that he’d never miss it. Lol. I’d love to have seen you Brad. We’ll be back down that way soon and I’ll have your phone number by then.

  6. Touche’ Daniel! Lol.