Saturday News Roundup #185

Worth Knowing

  • The Kingdom Heirs’ current radio single—”Just Beyond the Sunset,” penned by Dianne Wilkinson—will be #1 on the October 2013 Singing News chart.
  • Perrys baritone Bryan Walker married Bethany Allred last Saturday. Perrys alumni Loren Harris filled in for Walker during his honeymoon.
  • Gaither Vocal Band lead singer Michael English’s father, Clifton Aubine English, passed away on Wednesday. Here’s an obituary.
  • Aaron Wilburn had gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. He is recovering well.
  • Bill Dykes, former baritone for The Cathedrals and for Jerry and the Singing Goffs, is recovering from major colon surgery.
  • Karen Peck & New River has renewed their recording contract with Daywind, signing a multi-album deal. Karen commented, “We are very honored to be a part of the Daywind family. We are excited about what The Lord has in store for our future together!”
  • Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase (with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound), Scott Fowler (with Legacy Five), Mark Trammell (with the Mark Trammell Quartet), and Gerald Wolfe (with Greater Vision) were in the studio this week, recording vocals for a Cathedral Family Reunion CD, to be released this November. The album, announced in May, will at least be released in conjunction with Ernie Haase’s Stow Town Records. Stow Town is distributed by Provident/Sony. Provident/Sony releases a sales book marketing their new releases each quarter; Landon Beene, executive producer for the project, announced on Facebook this week that Provident will feature this CD on the cover of their 4th quarter book, and that this is the first time a Southern Gospel release is the cover feature.

Worth Watching

Thanks to MusicScribe’s Diana Brantley, here’s our first look at the new Dixie Echoes lineup:

Also worth watching:

Now this, my friends, is what a Kingsmen concert is supposed to sound like!

A third video worth watching: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound lead singer Devin McGlamery released a solo album several months ago. This week, he released his first concept video, based off of one of the songs from that album. It is posted here.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I continue to be amazed at the Shelnuts… They retool and retool – and each time, they get better and better. That my friends is a mighty fine quartet. Randy’s fifth voice at the end makes it even better.

    For the Kingsmen – this is the type of sound that I will always identify with them. I think they could retool just a little with a full-time pianist (singers are very good) and be near the top again…

    Thanks for the videos.


  2. I’m hard to impress, but the Dixie Echos clip impressed me. Nice work!

  3. Can’t wait to hear that Dixie Echoes bass after a little more time on the road. TONS of potential in both brothers, and I’m glad the Shelnuts decided to capitalize on that.

  4. I found this clip of the Collingsworth Family. Judging by the poster’s name I’d say it was from when they went to Sweden. I’ve never heard this song but man, I like it. Hopefully they record it, might be a keeper for a while.

    Also I absolutely love this new Dixie Echoes lineup, lots of potential in the group.

    I was hoping to pose a question that might upset people but it just confuses me.
    As I’ve stated before, I’m still really young and I like SG music, CCM & Christian rock.

    Now my question is why can’t people be more in each genre be more accepting of the other styles of music?

    I recently was listening to an interview with one of my favorite Christian rock bands, and when asked about their faith they were saying the exact same things I’ve heard people in SG music say yet SG fan take a dim view of “Christian rock”.

    I’d think it’s perfectly fine to be a fan of all 3 genres especially if they all are trying to put across the same message. No offense but, it just seems silly people can’t be more open to other styles of music. I don’t mean for argument to break out but this has been bugging me all week.

    • The song is “Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness.” It’s been around since the 1970s or thereabouts; I have a 1978 Rebels Quartet version in my collection. It was written by John Peterson, who also wrote “Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul” (Legacy Five, Mark Trammell Trio, Poet Voices, Triumphant Quartet, The Imperials), “It Took a Miracle” (Blackwood Brothers, Dixie Echoes), and “Surely Goodness and Mercy” (Speers, Inspirations, Blackwood Brothers).

      • Thanks for the info! Didn’t think it was actually “new” but I’ve never heard it. I like it!

      • No problem! Peterson’s songs were huge in the late 60s and early to mid 70s, but it’s been long enough that most people have forgotten most of them by this point!

      • Lo and behold, I actually have another previous rendition – a 2000 Chuck Wagon Gang rendition that (at least in my iTunes) initially had the mistaken title of “Show Me a Little Love and Kindness.” But it’s the same song, and they sing the title the same way the Rebels and Collingsworths do.

      • One of my favorite John W. Peterson songs done by a Southern Gospel group is “Isn’t The Love of Jesus Something Wonderful” done by the Hayes Family back in 1999. Great rendition of that song.

      • I hadn’t known that was a Peterson song. Thank you! Neat!

    • AJ, I am in agreement with you, brother. I’m an “old guy” of almost 60, and I too love SG, CCM, and yes some Christian Rock. In my mind, it’s not about the style of music necessarily, but it’s about the message that the music conveys. How in the world can I sit in judgment of any other person who is lifting the name of our Lord, and being a solid witness for the Kingdom? They may not dress the way I dress. They probably don’t look the way I look, and their style of music may not be 100% to my taste, but as they are reaching souls for Christ, they deserve the prayer support of all of God’s family. Your post should not cause a dispute, especially among those who are more concerned with the Great Commission than we are with personal music preferences.

  5. I absolutely agree with Mr. Butler- the Kingsmen need a FT piano player and they would be at the top again. Great singing.

    Dixie Echoes are sounding great too

  6. I heard the Dixie Echoes at GOGR and I’m hear to tell you that they have it goin on. The little bass singer can hand you a low A anytime. I was impressed. I’m a guy that has zero vocals in his monitor when playing live but I would have dialed that kid in my ear had I been picking for them. He is a phenominal talent and a great kid. Randy and Scoot have hit a grand slam. The tenor is great also and a friendly person.

  7. Has there been any mention who will sing the bass part for The Cathedrals Reunion in November?

    • The plan is for the bass singers with the Cathedrals Alumni groups to alternate.

      • Speaking of Bass Singers…in the Kingsmen clip above, who is the bass that Ray Dean motions to come up on stage and and sing? That video was shot at First Christian Church in Kearney, Mo. We are so lucky,……they sponsor a mainline group every month. Of course, the night the Kingsmen were there was the only night I have missed this year.

  8. Daniel, thanks for posting the clip. To answer FJW, the bass singer in the video is Terry Bollinger. He sings bass for Squire Parsons when he travels as a quartet and is a longtime friend of Ray Dean. He has been a friend to the Kingsmen since the mid 70’s. He rides with us every now and then and Ray asked him to come up and do a couple of songs with us.

  9. I don’t know how long it’s been the case, but Dave Emery, formerly of the Chuck Wagon Gang, has joined Mark Blackwood’s group as their bass singer.

    • Didn’t the Chuck Wagon Gang’s guitar player take his place on the bass part?

      • That is correct.

  10. The Dixie Echoes have a goldmine in those two young men. They are still somewhat “raw”, but my goodness the talent is so thick that you can scrape it off of them. Look forward to hearing of big things from the quartet, and from these two “kids” in particular.

    It’s good to see The Kingsmen regaining their balance, and I agree, with a full time pianist and the talent pool vocally, they should be back on top soon