Corey Hensley leaves Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver tenor and bass player Corey Hensley announced his departure from the group yesterday. He had been with the group for four years. In a statement made to Bluegrass Today, he expressed gratitude for his years in the band: “I’ve been privileged to tour for the past 4 years with a true legend of our music, and will be forever grateful for the experience of being in Doyle Lawson’s band and for the innumerable great friends I’ve made along the way. … Although I’m not exactly sure what is in my immediate future, I have absolute faith that God will guide me as I launch a new phase in my life and career apart from this great band.”

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  1. Four years is a pretty long time for a DLQ member. So SG fans can relate, Quicksilver is the Dixie Melody Boys of the bluegrass genre. Ed O’Neal University = Doyle Lawson’s School of Bluegrass.

    • Yes, and that is a good comparison. He wasn’t the senior member, though – dobro player/bass singer Josh Swift has been there six years (as of October).

    • The first time I heard of Doyle Lawson was when my recently departed grandmother told me he used to live down the street from her.

      She gave my parents a tape of his stuff that they’d always listen to in the car. I primarily remember them singing “I’ll Have a New Body” and a song that I don’t recall the title to that began “Each day I’ll do a golden deed”.

      • I remember the chorus all of a sudden:

        “Life’s evening sun
        Is sinking low
        A few more days
        And I must go
        To meet the deeds
        That I have done
        Where there will be
        No setting sun”

      • I believe the title of that one is “A Beautiful Life.” The Blackwood Brothers, Cathedrals, Chuck Wagon Gang, Florida Boys, Inspirations, and Oak Ridge Quartet have been among the SG groups that have recorded it.

      • Ah. I haven’t heard the other versions.

      • I love DLQ’s version of that song. Each of the first four stepout lines to start the chorus are sung by a different member of the quartet. Not sure if anyone else has done it like that. That’s an oldie…from the original Quicksilver lineup of the early 80s.

  2. By the way, it sounds like the tape you were listening to was “Rock My Soul,” originally released in 1983. I believe their entire discography, or close to it, has been released on CD and is readily available.

    • Actually, let me correct myself. It was from 1981, and it was their first all-gospel project.

    • That sounds right; there was a song that went “Why don’t you rock my soul/down in the bosom of Abraham/You rock my soul”.

    • Is that song called “Rock My Soul” or is it called “The Bosom of Abraham”

      • I know it as “Rock My Soul”. But it’s a traditional spiritual, and what people call those can vary.

      • At least as far as how the song is called in this genre, I would venture to say that at least 95% of the time I see it on album covers as either “Rock My Soul” or “Rock-a-My-Soul.”

  3. I need help finding a Doyle Lawson shirt